Haole bathing beauty shows off her flexibility

I didn’t know Julia Roberts had a daughter?!? This haole girl has the same pillow-soft breasts, striking facial features, alluring eyes, and dick sucking lips as America’s sweetheart. This pretty woman can’t resist showing off those good looks, snapping off a few candid photos while enjoying her bubble bath. White girls just love their bubble baths don’t they? The thought of them stewing in their own sexual juices, lapping suds across their naked bodies just makes my blood simmer 😀

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Embrace your fetish fandom at Footville!

There’s something sexy about a girl who keeps her pedi’s pretty, and with island fashion built around rubber slippers, a girl’s feet are always on display. Don’t tell me you haven’t enjoyed taking your girl to The Slipper House at Ala Moana just so you can peep some sexy Hawaii girl slip her bubbly toes into a hot pair of pumps! Footville totally gets your obsession with soft, well-manicured feet and how good they feel while stroking your inner thigh and massaging your hard cock. Don’t risk getting kicked in the balls by an angry wahine who caught you drooling over her french-tipped toes, slip into the hottest foot fetish site on the net!

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Greetings from Hawaii: Hows the weather USA?

Besides a few passing showers, weekend in the Hawaiian islands was awesome as always! I kinda feed bad for those of you Hawaii Porn lovers on the East coast, what is it like 20 degrees?!? Well this Chinese girl brings the heat wherever she goes, braving the winter weather and displaying that goregeous summer bikini body. This asian girl’s toned tummy is paired perfectly with those ample mounds held in place by her hibiscus bikini top. I’m feeling a little chilly babe, lets put my meat in your heat and see what cooking 😉

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Girl with three boobs: I’m having a Total Recall!

Don’t tell me you didn’t have flashbacks of Total Recall when you first gazed upon Taylor Chanel’s triceratits!

It’s Real could have only made a more awesome scene If she were a midget in fishnet stockings getting banged out by an Arnold-esque stud. The guys at It’s Real must be crazy but I’ve never seen a site like this and I bet you haven’t either! The trial is great and at $4.95 totally worth it. I wanna see the guy with two cocks titty-fuck Taylor!!!!

3-Day Trial for only $4.95!!!

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Does this girl look Chinese?!?!

Judging by Taylor Kiss‘ bronzed glow, dick-sucking lips, and distinct facial features I’m hard pressed to believe that this girl is Chinese and is probably a Japanese girl. Regardless of cultural inaccuracies I still wouldn’t kick this busty beauty out of bed! Cum Fu put this treat from the East’s body to work, getting those juicy lips around a hard cock and her tight pussy stretched out.  Taylor Kiss is the ultimate trophy wife and this gallery of her in a beautiful mansion serving her man totally lives up to that fantasy. The full hardcore sex scene must be insane!!


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Large natural breasts on Hawaii girl Michelle

Michelle is a pretty local Hawaii girl with two gorgeous pillows beneath her kolohe smile. Obviously she knows how gifted she was by the way she caresses her left breast, ever slightly grazing the soft pink skin around her nipple. With her sultry curves and island girl allure I’m hardpressed to wonder why Michelle hasn’t dreamed of surpassing Hawaii pornstar Jandi Lin and making her own claim to fame. Unlike Jandi Lin, I’d sure hate to see a chest tattoo obscure Michelle’s creamy breast!

A friend of mine were recently having a conversation about how extremely fertile Hawaii girls are. Constantly bombarded by stories of old classmates and friends getting knocked up, reminiscing about how all the hot high school girls got pregnant by junior year, ya got to wonder whats going on! Maybe it’s something in the water? I gotta tell the gf to stop drinking from the tap…

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Bikini babes to brighten your day

As winter sets in across the states, lucky we live Hawaii where we can see bikini beach babes 365 days a year! Hawaii girls are some of the hottest on the planet but if the girls of Bikini Dream washed up on Waikiki beach I’m sure every surfer and sponga from Sandys to Makaha would smell hotness. Someone would bonzai that pipeline and puinsai faster than you could say “poke squid time.” Fast forward 9 months and she’d be hapai, have a full back tat, and scrapping chicks outside Mai Tai Bar. Lucky we live Hawaii :)

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OMG now i’ve seen everything, extreme Asian nipples!

In this modern world its hard to find anything new in the world of online porn…until now! It’s Real has to be the oddest porn site I have ever seen. Watching girls with two vaginas, three tits, and extremely long nipples get banged out like dirty sexy whores is strangely erotic, kinda like watching a real girl ger fucked by a tranny. This reminds me of a black and white tabolid rag who’s stories ranged from batboy to the second coming of Jesus in a local McDonalds.

Totally different and well worth the $2 trial!

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White girls love sex toys!

White girls are awesome! In Hawaii we usually get the military brats or college girls in their final year who want to live it up “island style.” I think the great thing about haole chicks is that they love to get fucked and have no shame about it!

Take Molly and her friend for instance, I mean only white girls go shopping for dildos right after they hit up Home Depot. Guess they couldn’t find any good screws 😉 (yea bad joke i know but it was better than the one i had about hammers and pounding) Take any Hawaii girl into a sex toy shop other than Sensually Yours and you’ll probably leave there with a fleshlight and no girl.

Why cant Hawaii girls be more like Molly and her friend, excited about getting getting sex toys as presents? Haole girls LOVE sex toys (well the ones I know) and proudly display their favorite vibrators in their UH dorm rooms. So for today Hawaii Porn Blog pays tribute to Molly and her sexual escapades, along with all the other haole girls who have no inhibitions. Yard House anyone?!?!

Haven’t been with a haole girl yet? Signup Today and enter Molly’s Life!

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Pictures from Halloween [no porn]

So I finally got around to uploading my photos from this Halloween! These are from the kickass block party in Downtown Honolulu and I bet this is gonna be where the party is at come New Years Eve and next Halloween.

Lotta great costumes out and the Hawaii girls did not disappoint, showing up as sexy rollergirls, disco bunnies, Brazilian dancers, police officers (she might have really been a cop) and basically anything that could be turned into a skimpy and sexy outfit.

Bo peep is adorable but obviously had odd taste in men…maybe they both just love sheep? :)

Isn’t Nikki’s Arcade a porn shop?!?! Strawberry Shortcake I love your style!!!

Another Bo Peep, this time with better company; Oktoberfest girl!

So all in all Halloween in Hawaii is a blast and the island girls looked awesome as ever. I hope they block off Nuuanu for New Years and have this block party styled event again because I’m so in!

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