Hawaii’s version of sex on the beach

Miranda loves the beaches of Hawaii. She enjoys the vivid blue skies, crystal clear ocean, fine grain sand, and getting her punani pounded in view of perfect strangers! When this cute haole girl asks for sex on the beach she’s not referring to the cocktail,more like your cock in her tail! :)

Isle of Joy features great Hawaii porn scenes with a lot of outdoor hardcore sex featuring military wives and girlfriends. Porn in Hawaii wouldn’t be where it is today with out the tireless contributions of our Armed Forces, so raise that flag pole and salue the troops wives!!!

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All Asian girls are photographer.

Hawaii porn started out with amateur photographers just shooting naked girls, plain and simple. Now in the 21st century every pretty Asian girl with a Nikon Coolpix is guaranteed to take at least one naked photo of themself. I’m not complaining because that just means an ever growing collection of nude photos featuring young Asian girls are just waiting to be released by jealous ex boyfriends and dumb horny girl dating military guys stationed abroad (lotta Hawaii girls fell for that one).

Asian Teen Picture Club is the best place to look for such photos, who knows you might see some familiar faces! 😉

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Proud History of Hawaii Porn

It’s hard to fathom how long Hawaii porn has been around, thriving under the radar of mainstream society. Diamond Head Video features a number of titles with homemade videos of Hawaii girls modeling nude on local beaches, cutting to a hardcore scene shot in a crappy hotel room. These videos look like they were probably made in the late 80’s but I’m sure porn has even deeper roots than that. Look at the history of Honolulu during WWII with brothels located all across Chinatown. I’m pretty sure some G.I.’s couldn’t resist taking photos of a BJ they had while stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Back then porn was taboo and something to hide under mattresses or in the back of a closet; fast forward to 2009 and porn has become mainstream. Our local girls are becoming famous Hawaii pornstars, recognized for their success and as headstrong pioneers, unafraid to explore their sexuality wile the world watches. Hawaii porn itself has become mainstream with sites like Hawaii Dreamgirls and Island Girls leading the way. Hawaii has the second highest number of porn subscribers in the country which shows that contrary to our laid-back island upbringing, we just can’t deny our appetite for sex.

Hawaii is boring…theres nothing here to do except surf, smoke and screw…

…there couldn’t be a better place than Hawaii to shoot porn! 😀

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Import Model Aiko Tanaka at Hawaii Dreamgirls

World Famous Import Model Aiko Tanaka bared all for Hawaii porn’s flagship website, Hawaii Dreamgirls! The Japanese model is not new to posing nude for the camera (or at import car shows for that matter) and her expertise shows as Aiko Tanaka poses seductively on a king sized bed, faux fur comforter tickling her soft skin in all the right places :)

Japanese import models really know how to keep their bodies in shape and the beautiful Aiko Tanaka is no exception, check out these promo photos from Hawaii porn’s premiere website:

More Aiko Tanaka at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Woohoo!!! Hawaii #2 in nation in online porn subscriptions!

So what if BJ Penn isn’t #1? At least Hawaii can be ranked at the top of the country when it comes to watching people get bjs! Hawaii porn lovers have spoken and their professed love of watching punani pounding, nut busting action got them ranked #2 in the country in online porn subscriptions.

The study by Benjamin Edelman of Harvard Business School calculated Hawaii’s rate at 1.37 subscribers per 1,000 residents. When looking at homes with Internet users, the rate was 2.19 subscribers per 1,000 homes.

Only Utah had higher rates in both categories, and that state topped two other categories in the study, which collected data from two years of credit-card purchases from adult entertainment Web sites.

The study also found that states that tend to be more conservative and religious are paying to watch slightly more porn than more liberal states.

One of the reasons I started this blog was because everyone I knew/talked to/stalked, they all shared a common appreciation for porn. I mean who wouldn’t wanna spend a day just watching sexy people fuck? Hawaii porn is here to stay boys and girls, there is much more on the horizon so I’m betting that by next year Hawaii porn lovers will reign supreme!!!

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Alexx Zenn: Newest Japanese porn starlet on the scene

Hawaii is no stranger to the insane beauty of F.O.B. (fresh off the boat) Japanese girls while Hawaii porn rarely features the ellusive Nippon punani. The reason for this is that Louis Vuitton bags are expensive and hot Japanese girls can make a lot more money in California, porn capital of the world!

Alexx Zenn is your typical Japanese model who was looking to make a big name for herself with those big titties and no better place to start than at Asian American Girls! Her perky personality perfectly compliments her perky tits as she shakes ’em for the camera and spreads her legs to show you the secrets of the Orient! 😉

More Alexx Zenn at Asian American Girls!

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[NO PORN] Sheleen Dee’s Birthday Party: I told you!!!

Wasn’t Sheleen Dee’s birthday party just packed full of chicks?!?! This Hawaii porn blogger was pretty damn suprised at the crowd’s size and quality (I should have made business cards). I’m pretty sure that it had something to do with the half naked Hawaii girls prancing around stage for a lingerie fashion show. How you ask? Figure this, hot girls have hot friends. If hot girl “A” gets to shake her tail-feather and receive the admiration of a room full of good looking dudes, then of course all her best girl friends would show up and secretly wish she falls on her face in front of everyone show their support. :)

Click Here for even MORE Sheleen Dee!

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Girl with the local look shows off her round ass

Honestly I’m suprised this isn’t Hawaii porn!!! This Korean/caucasian mixed girl looks exactly like the kinda girl you’d find chillin’ at Mai Tai Bar on a friday night, cruising downtown during Honolulu’s First Friday with her retail-whore friends as they try to act cool and hip with only $2 in their fake Prada purse (personal experience). I’m sure while you’re at Sheleen’s Birthday party on Friday that at least one girl with the curves of this hapa Asian girl will tease your cock just enough to make you come back and check out this Mixed Korean girl’s free video clips! 😀

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[NO PORN] Sheleen Dee B-Day Bash this Friday

Hawaii’s hottest gogo-dancer Sheleen Dee is having a birthday bonanza this Friday at Level 4 Nightclub in Honolulu, HI.  Sheleen’s birthday parties have always been full of sexy Asian girls, Caucasian girls, and local girls hoping to steal the spotlight away from the darling diva. They often come up short, forcing them to drink their sorrows away while every guy’s attention is fixated on Sheleen Dee’s curvaceous body. This often leave the girls drunk, horny, and eager to soothe their bruised egos; perfect time to swoop in and charm their panties off! 😀

For those who don’t know about this beauty who sets Hawaii’s gogo stage ablaze then check out Sheleen Dee’s photos!

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Drunk Haole in Hawaii Dorm

YAAYYY my favorite! I love drunk Haole college girls in Hawaii!! My time at the University of Hawaii wouldn’t have been complete without late nite dorm sex with hot white girls! Honestly the SoCal girls are the most fun to have with when knocking back a pint. They have such a free spirit and liberal sexual attitute, primarily because they are thousands of miles away from home :)

This haole beach bunny can’t control her raging college hormones after a few Coronas and strips totally naked, contorting her tight frame into hot sexual positions, just waiting for her stud to stick his fingers and cock in that pink pussy. HOT HOT HOT!!!

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