Honolulu Police Department doesn’t care about you.

A crime took place on Monday night around 10pm. A driver, in an attempt to parallel park between two cars, rear ended one of them; I witnessed the whole thing unfold while walking home from work. Hit and runs can happen to anyone. It could have been my car. It could have been yours.

As the driver fled the scene I was able to grab the license plate, car make, and a quick photo from my Blackberry. I decided to call the Honolulu Police Department to report the incident figuring that if it were my car I’d hope someone would do the same for me.

The police operator said someone would be there in 10 minutes; I waited a half an hour, saw three cop cars in the area and tried to wave down two. I called the operator to see what the hell was going on and she said they couldn’t find me. I already told them where I was…don’t we even pay a 911 fee on cellphones to triangulate your location?

They told me it would be another 15 minutes, I told them I’ll wait for five. Five minutes came and went so I walked home. I finally got home around 11pm when my phone rings. It’s the police operator again asking if I still wanted to wait and fill out a police report.

I’ve realized that the Honolulu Police Department really doesn’t give a shit about the people who live here. To them we are just money trees they harvest whenever quota, economic hardship, or plain boredom sets in. Since when did it become the norm to not care? If it were a cop’s car that got hit, they would most likely use every investigational tool at their disposal, regardless of the financial burden it would put on the City & County of Honolulu.

My point is this: look out for each other Hawaii, accept responsibility for your mistakes, and even if HPD doesn’t care about you and yours, always remember that Hawaii Porn Blog has got your back. :)


NOTE: I went back today and left a note on the victim’s car letting him know what I saw and my contact info because I know that every one of you would do the same for me.

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[no porn] Halloween was FUUNNN!!!

I heard good things about the party in Waikiki but Downtown Honolulu’s Hallowbaloo was crazy-insane packed and couldn’t have been better! There were beautiful women galore all wearing the skimpiest costumes and having an absolute blast! The crowd was friendly, festive, and here are some photos to prove it.

After Hallowbaloo I made it down to Oceans808 and everything after that was just a blur. I got my fill of sexy white girls and should be good until New Years Eve…know any good parties coming up? 😀

Click here for pictures from the 2008 Hallowbaloo

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Downtown is the place to be for Halloween!

So you’ve got that dick in the box costume lying around but don’t know where the best Halloween party is at? Then make your way over to Downtown on Saturday October 31st for the 2nd Annual Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival.

I made it down last year and it was a blast! There’s good food, girls, alcohol, live music, more girls, great costumes, and MORE half naked Hawaii girls! Make it down because honestly being there is better than lurking on Do Something Tonight. 😉

For more info visit the Hallowbaloo Official Website

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So I’ve been hitting the gym lately…

Honestly there’s no better way to kill time and stress than to push a few reps out in the gym. It’s also a great place to go people watching! They’re are always at least 5 cuties walking on the treadmill in their $60 workout clothes who are only there to people watch too; we already have something in common! 😀

24hr Fitness isn’t the cleanest of places to fuck but then again it’s probably cleaner than banging out on Ala Moana Beach Park at night…ah those were the days. Anyways, Cherokee and her personal trainer get sweaty and dirty on the gym floor, throwing in a few yoga poses here and there. Is that downard facing dog? 😉

They should have a few photos of the dude doing bicep curls while she sucks him off or even while bench pressing, that’d be funny!

Images provided by Milfs Like it Black! Check’um out!

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Sure shes “Hawaiian” but I’m sure she’s from Hawaii

I really don’t care what other Mainland websites say. As I stated in my previous post, I’m pretty damn certain Lana Violet is from Hawaii and not just of Hawaiian/Filipino decent. There’s just something about local Filipino girls that you can “just tell” they grew up w/ the boys in Kalihi or Ewa/Kapolei, soon to be known as “New Kalihi.” Besides it wouldn’t be the first time a porn chick lied about where she was from. If it’s one thing we all know, chicks can lie!

Lana Violet gets laid out out like sod in this defacto-standard “pool boy” scene by Cum Fu. The plot is quick and dirty, but like a Playboy Magazine, no one gives a shit about the copy. Lana Violet shows her kamaaina cru charm as she takes the dick doggystyle, moaning and groaning like a Pinay girl can. Chee hoo!!

Free preview video of Lana Violet taking the dick here!

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Ecstacy Gentlemen’s Club on Kapiolani Blvd.

If the sign looks familiar then don’t worry you aren’t going crazy. Ecstasy Gentlemen’s Club on Kapiolani Blvd. has taken over Empire’s location. I just had to check it out so last night I dropped by. There was no cover charge and a chill “no-pressure” atmosphere. It might not be great for business but it really lets you relax without getting bombarded by ladies drink and private show requests from the D-squad.

Speaking of which, the girls are alright, 3 out of 5 in my opinion. Then again there were only 5 girls working. Bartender said they have 10 girls total and Friday and Saturday are the best nights.

It’s neat seeing the start of an club, its a blank canvas and the people who become “regulars” define what it is. If you and your boys are looking for a chill place to drink and see titties without all the hassle then this might be your place.

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Sacred Hearts schoolgirls never looked like this…

*sings* I luh da pussy, I luh da pussy, drinking up your booty sweat and bustin’ a nut!

She kinda looks like my ex-girlfriend, well except this Japanese schoolgirl is 10x prettier and 200% less of a slut-faced-hoe-bag-cum-dumpster-nut-sucker-mutha-fucker.  Damn I’m clever!

I just stumbled across Idols69 and their vast collection of Japanese AV starlets like the one above. Their free tour is amazing, full of cute bubble gum Japanese girls just like a Waikiki tourist trolley. I was blown away by how well organized their site was and immediately began checking out their free video previews. Check out these photos and if you’re still hungry for more then check out their tour link below.

Click here for more photos and videos of Japanese girls!

Note: If you don’t know booty sweat, educate yourself!

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Woohoo a new Island Girl hottie!

Island Girls has its fair share of cute Hawaii girls but Caitlyn takes the cake! Story goes she used to model for them but needed some cash came out of retirement for another lovely photoshoot.

I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to her previous photos and to be honest I have no idea. See Island Girls works as a magazine-type site where for a very small monthly subscription you receive a new model every week. Old sets just disappear into the wind which kinda suxs. Oh well its a small membership price and well worth it. :)

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More Awesome Boobies!

So I still haven’t gotten over my breast obsession since the last posting and decided a video of big-tittie hoe Claudie-Marie getting banged out by an illegal immigrant would be a great follow up. Claudia-Marie’s country accent , rascal smile, and zany sense of humor makes this big titty Southern MILF unforgettable.

Her vid’s are all hillarious and if you want more go check out Claudia’s free tour with over 30-minutes of the funniest trailers you’ve ever seen.

BTW, did anyone catch the 10 o’clock news on KITV last night?  I’m pretty sure Amber-Lynn was hiding those great boobs under a straight jacket…did someone tell her about Hawaii Porn Blog? 😀

Click here for more funny Claudia-Marie Videos

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[NO PORN] Amber Lynn Hyden has awesome boobs

image of Amber-Lynn Hyden

Damn Amber-Lynn Hyden’s got some tig ol’ bitties! She could probably feed all the starving kids in Hawaii with the milk in those sweater puppies and still have enough cream for my morning coffee.

Amber was reading the teleprompter on last night’s 10pm KITV News and the minute her boobs face graced the screen I was hooked. Here boobs were never that big before were they? I swore if they were I would’ve paid much more attention to the weather. No wonder she replaced Ben Gutierrez, homeboy got double-teamed and didn’t stand a chance!

Normally I fancy myself a Moanikeala Nabarro kinda guy but her fast hips and hula-hands have a hard time standing up to the dirty D’s. For more about Amber-Lynn Hyden check out her profile at KITV.

Who’s your favorite weather girl and why?

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