Hapa Cutie Suzy Q, Newest Amateur Asian-American Girl!

Asianman Don Fernando loves his Hawaii-connection girls and I’m pretty damn impressed on how all the local chicks want to film with him. Suzy Q is adorable but I gotta admit that the Asianman is starting to piss me off with all the talking in his vids. It always ends up with him asking lame questions, the girl giving a skeptical response and then he goes off on a five-minute “ABC store” Hawaiian history rant.

How’s a guy supposed to jack off when he’s getting the island chain messed up and talking about how Hawaiian’s pronounce w like a v?!?! Thank god for pictures and the mute button! πŸ˜€

Watch Suzy Q’s Full Video at Asian American Girls!

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Remember all that shit I said about Hawaii Dreamgirls going soft…

Someone at Hawaii Dreamgirls must have heard me because their latest update was a hardcore outdoor sex scene with the beautiful Layla Rivera. Word on the street is she’s a Big Island girl who used to run around with a Hardcore pornographer *hint hint wink wink*

She comes back to the 808 every so often and decided to stop by Hawaii Dreamgirls for a quick job. Kamaaina girls can fuck with the best of them and Layla Rivera is no exception, check out Hawaii Dreamgirls members area for the real goodies!

Hawaii Dreamgirls is back in action, check it out!

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Hoochies, Hotties and Coaches…oh my, DUI!!!

The party didn’t stop for this week’s alleged OVUII offenders! Remember, these people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law :)

Girl number one is HELLA HOT…in her mugshot. If you don’t already know, Honolulu Police Department releases names along with the photo and I’m pretty sure her OPEN Facebook profile got a million hits (I kept hitting refresh). It’s weird though cuz shes the second girl I’ve seen that looks better drunk…do you think it’s reverse beer goggles? Maybe a beer force field?

The crazy looking dude in the middle of my awesome collage is “Skippa” Diaz, former football coach for Farrington High School. I dunno what he was teaching those kids but as long has he taught them how to make sexy mugshot poses like that I think he did his job well. :)

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Geez Hawaii Girls Love To Fuck Huh?!?

First off I gotta give props to the readers of Hawaii Porn Blog for keeping me informed especially peeps like s@s, fokaig, and nuinalu…I dunno where you guys find some of this stuff!!!

Nuinalu gave me a tip on a alleged Oahu girl named Ivy who’s getting broken into the porn scene over at Amateur Allure. She’s pretty cute and got a little island flair and I initially thought it was just some softcore, flash the nani, type video but this girl knows how to suck a dick and take it hard too. Figure I’d share the wealth and post the video for everyone to enjoy along with some sweet pics of all the action.

As I was actually writing this post, I checked the comments and s@s told me of a former rising-star singer from Hawaii, who was featured in Midweek article back in 2005, now got videos of her boyfriend giving it to her doggy style and then letting her ride on top. Now mind you the girl getting dicked out on camera hasn’t been verified to be her, but it looks damn similar…plus the file name adds to it’s legitimacy. I also don’t know when the vid was made so I’m not posting it on the blog…last thing I need is to get in trouble for pussy that I never hit! :(

I’m pretty sure ya’ll wanna talk about this so I will allow relevant comments :)

Is Ivy from Oahu? You Be The Judge at Amateur Allure!

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I F**kin’ Love Asian Poony!

I’m just a laid back local kid adult who loves to lurk check out the island hunnies, but everyday so often I start to itch for Asian chicks from a galaxy far far away. I used to waste hours trying to google shit but kept coming up w/ viagra ads, spam, and the occasional virus (thanks assholes).

After some heartache and hard lessons learned, I came across Asian Poony and was pretty impressed not only by the overall look of the site, but also by the LOADS of photos and videos of Asian girls from across the globe. This site runs the gammut from South East Asian girls to the banana bitches we all loathe in front of the gf and lust for in the clubs. Plus I haven’t gotten a single virus or Viagra offer yet! πŸ˜€

For a good time visit Asian Poony, they love you long time!

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Hawaii Dreamgirls, The Willy Wonka Factory of Hawaii porn

Like Roald Dahl’s story about a secret chocolate factory that hid away from the world while secretly churning out yummy sweetness to one day spring back to life, Hawaii Dreamgirls is beginning to ramp up production again and from what I’ve seen so far, its gonna be pretty badass!

I talked with the owner of Hawaii Dreamgirls and he said that no only are they shooting new stuff but will be releasing tons of content that was “lost” in his garage; dude if I lost titties in my place I’d be ripping floorboards up and shit!

Although the site still has hot hardcore Hawaii sex scenes, the new focus will be onΒ  fresh-faced local models photographed in classy artistic nudes. Hey in my book that’s even better because now there’s even more chances for those awesome “OMG I KNOW THAT GIRL!” moments. πŸ˜‰

Check out Hawaii Dreamgirls, premiere producer of Hawaii Porn

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DUI Wednesday: A little late but I blame it on the alcohol…

So this is coming out two days behind schedule, my bad I was pretty swamped with work (yes I have a day job) and slightly hung over from cigar night with the boys. Great thing about “man night” is that we all get to relax, enjoy some drinks, talk some shit, and not have to worry about DUI’s cuz it never gets that nuts. Maybe the peeps on this photo collage should take a tip and drink closer to home? figure you save a lot of cash without paying for Waikiki parking, club cover charge, and that outrageous bar tabs ($8 for vodka/Red Bull wtf?!?)

Oh I almost forgot the $500 bail, $300-$2k lawyer fees, higher insurance rates, and the bullshit of having that little incident on your record for the rest of your life. I’ll take passing out in my house over waking up in the drunk tank any day!!!

BUT, if you like ’em drunk & sloppy, go check out My Trashed GF πŸ˜‰

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Why Is Lesbian Sex Fantasy Better Than Reality?

Kayme Kai and Nozomi are not your typical lesbians but dammit I’ll watch them munch rug any day! This is a preview video I cooked up for Asian American Girls featuring these two Hawaii girls from last decade.

I’ll admit that I watch a lot of porn, but one thing that still bothers me is how there’s such a disconnect between what porn shows as lesbian sex and the reality of lesbians getting hot and heavy; most of the times one looks like a dude and the other looks like a cracked out chick with cuts on her arm. I’m just giving my opinion here but dammit where are the big titty hoes who invite their friends over for backrubs and end up three fingers deep in wet pussy? The fantasy portrays lesbian sex like two beautiful flowers intertwined, while the reality is more like two rocks slamming against each other. Just being honest people. Kayme Kai and Nozomi’s lesbian fuck fest is all fantasy, which is why it’s hot, and which is why I still love porn πŸ˜€

For more fantasy fun, check out Asian American Girls!

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I Heart Emo Bitches!!!

Woohoo finally a site that caters to my secret desires! Back in the days I used to hang out in the “rave” scene and slowly migrated into the Dungeon crowd. I wasn’t hardcore into it, I didn’t paint my face white, wear guy liner, Victorian era clothes, or any of that nonsense. Sounds like I never had a reason to be there right? WRONG! Those goth places got some freak & sexy girls! I’m talking hot wax, whips, leather boots, latex gloves, and good ‘ol fishnet stockings, ready to get down and dirty πŸ˜‰

I love a brunette with jet black hair in a short bob cut, square rimmed glasses with pale porcelain skin and fire engine red lipstick. chipped black nail polish or even whiteout is hotΒ  too, tattoos are a plus but a healthy ass and real tits are a must (fake tits can make a girl look like a tranny). What’s awesome nowadays is that most young girls rock that look w/out even being in the goth scene. It’s reclassified as “emo” but still not. Except for those skinny jeans though because they make 90% of Asian girls look like stumpy oompa loompas; real women have curves!

If you love emo bitches too, check out My Alternative GF!

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This is NOT the Kamehameha School Sex Tape

So I just saw the story ran by Honolulu’s Star Bulletin about Kamehameha Schools taking action against some kids who made a sex tape; personally I’m a little perplexed. Some think it’s a brand new tape but I’m thinking this is all about the “sporechan incident“. Would make sense though since the internet moves at lightspeed compared to the wheels of justice.

Since I’m unsure about the whole damn thing I’ll just put this great amateur titty fucking video and we can all just imagine what the latest Kamehameha Schools scandal was about. And if anyone Kamehameha school FEMALE graduates over 18 and interested in some “modeling” gigs LMK! πŸ˜€

Want More Amateur Asian Porn? Then Check Out Me and My Asian!

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