Hawaiian Pantyhose MILF Roni

Pantyhose babe Roni would probably be the first milf I’d want to bust my cherry on. I think a mature woman needs to be classy and expensive looking; like fucking some rich guy’s wife. That cuckold fetish stuff where the dude watches his wife getting boned by a random stranger is a little too weird for me but the fantasy of sneaking around behind his back is kind of a turn-on. I’d stroll up to his McMansion on a weekday while he’s off building play monopoly in real-life, wife just getting home from yoga. Knock on the door three times and see her sweating body all naked and ready for more stretch routines and plow poses 😉

Check out these pantyhose fetish photos and the sweet pussy those thigh highs lead up to and tell me you wouldn’t tap that ass!

More Pantyhose MILF Roni photos at her official web site!

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*CAUTION* Cougar Loose On Hawaii Beach!

Ooh so funny story this weekend. I was at the range and saw that all the lanes were full. There was a haole lady in her mid 30’s, total cougar, standing around so I asked her how long she had been there. She said they were just about finishing up and I noticed she was looking at a dude in a green shirt. I asked if that was her friend, slightly insinuating boyfriend. She turns to me and says: Oh no that’s my son! Damn dude I’m sorry your mom isn’t a cougar, your mom is a MILF!

What does any of this have to do with the blonde bombshell above? Absolutely nothing except for the fact that she kinda looks like Mrs. MILF, enjoy!

Need a closer look at momma’s snatch? Check out Island Girls!

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It’s Spring Break In Hawaii Guys, Time To Hookup!

Spring break is almost over and it’s the last weekend, time to find a tourist girl and break that pussy! The last Friday of spring break has always been the best time to hunt for punani because the girls know they have to head home soon and they begin to go into panic mode, hopeful to have a sexy story for their friends at home. Most of them have boyfriends so be sure not to leave any evidence because nothing says trouble like hickeys and unplanned pregnancy :)

Alison Angel and her girlfriend stopped by Oahu and took some great photos and HD video of their Hawaiian vacation exploits. You may have seen some of them around but then again there are a lot of big titty white girls in the islands this week so picking Alison Angel’s massive boobs out of a crowd might prove difficult. If you didn’t get to see them in person don’t fret because there’s always these nude photos!

Check out Alison Angel’s web site for more photos!

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I Like ’em New, Not Like You!

That is probably the best, and most telling quote of my life. Because honestly who wants to rock out with their cock out in an old hole? You hear the whole feminist bullshit about how older women are more experienced and know what they want blah blah blah. What I really want is a hot girl to bang out, take pictures of, and show off to my friends; I’m not asking for too much am I?!? :)

Take this little latin mami from FM Teens, now she is the kinda girl you brag to your friends about. She’s got an adorable smile, tight tiny body, and judging by the way she fingers her pussy in the bathtub, a pretty healthy libido. Now I’m cool with a little experience too; if a girl knows how to get herself off then thats fine by me because it’s one less thing to worry about! I just don’t want her to be ranking my performance on a scale of 1 to 10 by comparing it to the other nine guys who banged her out this week;I’m just being honest.

While you muse on all that enjoy my dream-fuck as she plays with herself in the tub, enjoy!

Check out more girls I’ll never fuck at FM-Teens!

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Ex Girlfriend Revenge Photos

Here is the age old story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, and break up in a torrent of profanities and broken furniture. In ancient times (1980s) it would have ended there but with the internet, digital cameras, and high bandwidth, you can now take it up a notch and post sexy-time photos of your ex-girlfriend getting skewered with your cock like a succulent pig. Isn’t young love grand? :)

These pics are from Me and My Asian. I say the boyfriend got the upper hand hear because nothing says its over like sending her daddy a link to the 16 photos of her gobbling up your cock. Enjoy!

Ex Girlfriend Photos at Me and My Asian!

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Jayna Oso Invades Kaneohe

Did you know that Jayna Oso is a Kaneohe girl? I dated a chick from the Windward side and I can testify that girls out that side can get buck wild! Maybe it’s because there really isn’t much to do out there except fish, go beach, smoke weed, and “poke squid” 😉

Photographer Ryan Kerns shot these hot photos for Hawaii Dreamgirls and those fuck me eyes gave me wet dreams. However unlike these sweet/teasing photos, my wet dream was more like the filthy hardcore anal scenes that Jayna Oso is known worldwide for; This beautiful pornstar is Hawaii’s version of anal queen Katsuni!

More Jayna Oso Kaneohe girl photos at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Amia Moretti Has a Talented Vagina

Damn I am good at spotting local chicks! Take Amia Moretti for instance, I was looking around some porn blogs and the minute I saw her face I thought, this girl looks like she got some Hawaiian in her. Sure she had a hibiscus tattoo but lots of girls have flower tattoos. After some digging I found out that she indeed does have Hawaiian blood but I was even more surprised at the amount of cock this girl has guzzled, gulped, sucked, fucked, and had slapped across her face;
I think I’m in love!

I’ll ease you into Amia Moretti with this classy photo set of her fisting that Hawaiian pussy. I wonder what else she’s tried to shove up there?!?!

First Time Video girls Galore here, check ’em out!

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The last of DUI Wednesday Photos :(

I’m pretty bummed to see HPD stopped posting alleged OVUII offenders. Lotta people looked forward to Wednesday so they can bask in a little schadenfreude before returning to their boring jobs. Personally I don’t see the problem with posting these photos, I’m sure it made a bunch of people think twice about drinking and driving in hopes to spare themselves the humiliation come Wednesday. Well except for that one jackass who got on the list two weeks in a row, wtf is up with that?

Remember these people are guilty until proven innocent and if your mugshot is on here and you’d like me to take it down, please shoot an email to hawaiian [at] hawaiipornblog [dot] com along with a signed 8×10 portrait and I will take it down asap :)

BTW St. Patrick’s Day celebration this Wednesday. Drink up, stay safe, and take pics of all the Trashed GFs running around downtown!

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Back From LA Bitch! (I Love White Girls)

So if you’re wondering why Hawaii Porn Blog, the bestest place for sexy wahines and Hawaiian porn, wasn’t updated last week it was because I was taking vacation in the land of the haoles, Los Angeles! Even perverted people like myself need to take a break from the computer and get some fresh air. :)

In celebration of my California conquest I wanted to post this stunning blonde bombshell. I have a double standard when it comes to white girls and Asian girls. Now Asian girls look best petite and adorable; submissiveness is the true selling point of Asian beauty. White girls on the other hand look best with a little meat on them. The skinny ones just look like crack addicts in need of a burger.

Now if you get your arms wrapped around a thick, big titty beauty then you will really know what a woman feels like. Tiny peach fuzz hairs on their body are uber sensitive and always fun to play with. After teasing them her into uncontrollable frenzy I unleash my sexual powers upon her for the next 2 minutes before falling asleep on my wallet. Isn’t romance fun?!?! 😀

Beautiful girls for less than a plane ticket at New Nude City!

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Hibiscus Flower Tattoo and No Hawaii Connection?

Trolling around the internets as usual I stumbled upon these photos from Can She Take It and the first thing I noticed was this girl’s well rendered hibiscus tattoo. Actually, the first thing I noticed was she was being impaled by a Portuguese sausage but I figured that went without saying :)

Also looks like she has a birthmark either in the shape of the African continent. Is this a local Hawaii girl in hiding or is she just a beautiful thick goddess with a ripe ass and cowgirl skills like a veteran of the PBR? Or is it just me getting so used to seeing girls get dicked out that I begin to look at pictures like some kind of perverted photo hunt game? You be the judge!

More Thick Chicks Getting Sticked at Can She Take It!

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