State of the Economy: Even Pornstars Face Foreclosure!

When even Nicholas Cage can’t pay his mortgage I wonder how America’s pornstars are making due in this uncertain economy. With people illegally downloading and sharing porn I’m sure it’s getting harder and harder to find work.

Poor Hawaiian girl Amia Moretti and her boyfriend are facing foreclosure and the prick bank manager came to foreclose on their asses. Always eager to make a backdoor deal, the bankman say’s he’ll give them an extension on their loan if he can get a piece of Amia Moretti’s re-fine-ass. Eager to keep a roof over his head, Amia’s boy-bitch agrees and lets the bankman make deposits and withdrawls in Amia’s wet snatch before pulling out and liquidating his assets all over the Hawaiian girl’s face.

Who said economics cant be fun? Check out the pics for more fucks and figures 😉

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Christina Aguchi and Lana Davis Threesome

The last time I had sex on the beach was nowhere near as sexy as Christina Aguchi and Lana Davis’ threesome sex fest, probably because it wasn’t a threesome and it’s kinda hard to keep it up when someone’s dog is watching you do it doggystyle; was he critiquing my performance?!?!

Christina Aguchi knows how to suck a dick and take one too, but her haole girlfriend aint too bad either. I’m really digging the pierced nipples and how her natural tits bounce up and down while she’s riding Fabio reverse-cowgirl style. Another great thing about this scene is that there are no condoms. Personally I wrap it every time but when you’re watching porn where peeps are spontaneously fucking outdoors the last thing you want to see is condoms and lube. I mean really who besides me goes to the beach with condoms and lube?!?!

Full-Length Threesome Video at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Hawaii dreamgirl Jayna Oso gets wet!

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I wanted to feature these photos from Jayna Oso’s latest appearance on Hawaii Dreamgirls because frankly no one does it better. This is calendar-quality photography, like the kind you see at Don Quijote and mail off to friends and family in the mainland. It get’s them jealous off of all our beautiful women and tropical paradise while they freeze their asses off in the snow somewhere, trying to make a buck out of 50 cents.

You really gotta take a few moments out of your day to appreciate how beautiful the girls are here and how awesome Hawaii is. So I recommend grabbing a drink at Mai Tai’s, a coffee at Ward Starbucks, or where ever the girls frequent, sit outside and just enjoy the warm air and hot ladies that make Hawaii beautiful!

But if you cant get away from the desk then you can always check out these photos :)

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Maui Girl Gone Wild: 21 year-old Leilani at ATK Exotics

maui girl Leilani gets her pussy fingered

I’ve only been to Maui a couple times and never really got to play but when I check out the sweet ass on Leilani I’m sure there are more mountains to be explored there and I’m not talking about Haleakala (volcano if you wanna get technical)

ATK Exotics bio information on Leilani says shes a hapa-haole 21 year old who loves hip-hop, rap, and reggae music. She gets turned on by having her body licked while playing with her clit, and her secret fantasy is to have five girls all over her while she gets fucked.

I guarantee you that if her ATK Exotics bio was part of Maui’s tourism advertisements they’d have more visitors to the islands than hotels to house them; i’m buying my ticket right now, Hawaiian Airlines FTW!

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FINALLY!!! Trinh Li Does Hardcore!!!

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Trinh Li is finally breaking into hardcore Hawaii porn! Well sorta kinda. Celeste talked the emo Vietnamese girl into some lesbian experimentation at a not so secluded Windward side beach on Oahu. It’s a pretty linear progression of things if you really think about it, first she does artistic nudes, then public nudity, then solo masturbation, and now lesbian sex. Give it another month and we’ll hopefully have full video of Trinh Li waxing some lucky guy’s stick. Until then boys peep these photos and pray for surf!

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More hardcore Trinh Li photos at Isle of Joy!

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Dammit Grandpa, how the hell do you do it!?!?!

bikini model gives old guy a blowjob

I really don’t know how the Asianman still does it, he’s gotta be pushing 60 years old and by the look of his face in the latest Asian American Girls video time had drop-kicked him right in the kisser. Nevertheless he’s still able to talk beautiful 18 year old asian girls into letting him suck on their titties, kiss em on the lips, and put his old cock in between their young nubile lips.

I’m not a bad looking dude but even I never got my dick sucked by an 18 year old chick, even when I was 18! Usually when girls go for older men its either for money, daddy issues, or money. Did I say money twice? Ok I just wanted to be certain :)

I think I’m gonna call my grandpa, damn thing got me all nostalgic. Check out the pics while I hit up Ah Gong and see what’s shakin’.

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Heh, did I do that?

Due to technical difficulties (drunk) a bunch of great comments got deleted but I’ll answer them to the best of my memory.

@ The person who asked about nude beaches, the only one I’ve been to was by the lighthouse around Diamond Head but I only saw dudes. The best thing I saw that day was a dude who fell asleep and a seagull was pecking his ass, no joke.

@ The dude who asked about Caroline, no she never got back to me. Local chicks who become Cali girls are always flaky so no surprise there. Really this could’ve been a big help to her career but like you said, she might have a future in porn!

@ the others, I blame it on the a-aaa-a-alcohol. My bad peeps but keep ’em coming!

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Damn my back is KILLING me!!!

nude beach yoga

Here’s a tip people, NEVER try to replace your old mattress with one of those inflatable beds. The picture on the box usually shows a happy haole couple relaxing on the thing by a camp fire in the great outdoors; This picturesque fantasy is totally not what you get and you’d be better off throwing the piece of shit in the fire to signal for help! Honestly it’s like trying to sleep in one of those child bouncy houses but without the piss and kid poo smell. I figured I could save some extra cash by picking up the inflatable for $30 instead of a real bed for $400 but my back is in a world of hurt now and the saved cash will probably just go to a chiropractor :(

I hopped into the Island Girls site to comfort my aching body when I came across the latest photo shoot with Trinh Li and Shana doing yoga in the nude on one of Oahu’s not so secluded beaches. Are they mocking me with their youthful flexibility? Look at how they arch their backs and perk their ass up. Look how their soft supple skin glows in the sunlight as they bend over to touch their toes and flash the sweet peaches between their legs. Look at how easily they bring the knees to their chest while flexing the lower part of their back to show off those analsex-tastic asses.

Fuck I need a new bed asap because there’s now way in hell I’m scoring punani on a rubber yoga mat :(

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Jade Hsu Harcore Teaser from Hawaii Dreamgirls

Remember that crazy brunette from Jet Lee’s Kiss of the Dragon? Well if you didn’t then not only did you miss out on a kick ass movie but also the striking resemblance Jade Hsu has to her in this scene from Hawaii Dreamgirls…well without the murder part. I think.

Jade Hsu was kinda the start of my love affair with Korean girls but I’m pretty impressed how she’s adapted from her usual runway model style to the down and dirty fuck she presents herself as in this video. Although not depicted in this teaser, the cameraman get’s so caught up in the action he ends up turning this gruesome-twosome scene into a hot threesome sex fest. Whether it be just the Korean sex appeal, the trashy lingerie, smell of punani on the Hawaiian breeze, or just the fact that you have a perfect opportunity to get your dick sucked by Jade Hsu, the cameraman took the risk and got one hell of a reward. Enjoy! :)

Hawaii Dreamgirls has the largest collection of Hawaii porn, Check em out!

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Ok so I’ll cave…

So I am not gonna make any claims to this being true, nor am I hosting it, but to quote the movie 8MM: “I don’t buy it. I don’t endorse it. I just point the way.”

So the tapes allegedly show a girl named Caroline Oguma getting her sexy ass pounded cowgirl and doggystyle and I gotta admit, whoever she is, she’s got some talent! I feel bad for the bf though cuz in one of the videos he totally couldn’t handle her sex drive and came well before she got hers.

So yea caving to the pressures I’ll post links to the vids but I make no claim of authenticity and if homegirl wants it down I’ll agree. With that said, perv away peeps!

EDIT: Caroline was cool and asked to take the links down. She was nice about it and you gotta give her some privacy when they ask nicely. Remember peeps get what you give!

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