A blast from my past, Sabrine Maui!

I first met Sabrine Maui at Centerfolds on Keeaumoku when I was about 19. I was dating an ex-stripper who pulled herself off the pole a couple months earlier. Things were pretty cool between us and we were still in that honeymoon phase. I loved the idea of having a chick who used to strip, walking in with her knowing that everyone fantasized about fucking her and I now get to do it on a regular basis. Also with Sabrine Maui in town I figured there’s a possiblity of a threesome and who wouldn’t wanna fuck a famous pornstar? Stupid kids.

Anyways my ex chick, lets call her Flower, was good friends with Sabrine so we went down to say hi and watch her dance. She went into the feature dancer dressing room while I chilled by the stage taking in the sights. Time was passing and Flower still hadn’t come out so I got curious and knocked on the door. Sabrine opens it and in the background I see Flower putting on a neon bikini with a shit-eating grin on her face. What I gathered is she was going to fuck Sabrine Maui with a strap-on and possibly take it herself. Once a stripper always a stripper I guess.

Eventually time passed, we broke up, and now I can watch Sabrine Maui get fucked like a silly slut without using my tears as lubrication.
Happy days are here again! 😀

Share my happiness, watch Sabrine Maui get drenched in cum!!!

Kick Ass Productions

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And the Winners are…

Congratulations to chiga and v35 for winning Hawaii Porn Blog’s first ever contest! Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, I was really happy with the support ya’ll have shown.

If you didn’t win this time no worries cuz I’m planning another giveaway soon, probably some DVDs, so keep on a look out and tell you friends about! 😀

Mele Kalikimaka to everyone!

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939 Calendar Contest Ending Soon!

Since I’m on Hawaiian time, our 939 Free Calendar Contest will end at the stroke of midnight (about 10 1/2 hrs from now) Send in those emails and if you have no clue what’s going on then check this post for details!

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Free Calendar Contest from Hawaii Porn Blog!

I just got back from Club 939’s Calendar release party and it was pretty dope! I’ve got a picture here of Ginger who has a twin sister and both of them can be seen dancing at Hawaii’s hottest gentlemen’s club. The sister’s name is Spice (Ginger, Spice, see the pattern?) I was a little disappointed because Spice just started stripping tonight and didn’t want to take off her bottom. After my boy bought her a ladie’s drink and got her all loose, she worked the stage, did a table dance across from us, and dropped her panties…don’t you just hate that shit? We literally bought those dudes pussy, wtf! If it’s any consolation, I saw Ginger’s pussy and it looked like a juicy white peach. Damn, girls from Maine are hot!!!

I’ve got two extra calendars and will give them away in Hawaii Porn Blog’s very first contest! Just shoot an email to hawaiian (at) hawaiipornblog (dot) com with the subject line “Club 939 Rules!” to enter. There will be two winners, one calendar each. Contest ends on December 23rd and I’ll announce the winner on December 25th. Hawaii Porn Blog has got your shipping covered so send in those emails asap and good luck to everyone!

P.S. Watch out for chicks hustling Patron drinks @ $40 a pop. I guess everyone hurts during a recession!

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Club 939 Calendar Release Party Tonight

I heard there’s a party tonight at Club 939 for their annual calendar release party. Most likely standard cover charge but hey, at least you sorta get to take the girls home tonight! 😀

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Ecstacy Gentlemen’s Club on Kapiolani Blvd.

If the sign looks familiar then don’t worry you aren’t going crazy. Ecstasy Gentlemen’s Club on Kapiolani Blvd. has taken over Empire’s location. I just had to check it out so last night I dropped by. There was no cover charge and a chill “no-pressure” atmosphere. It might not be great for business but it really lets you relax without getting bombarded by ladies drink and private show requests from the D-squad.

Speaking of which, the girls are alright, 3 out of 5 in my opinion. Then again there were only 5 girls working. Bartender said they have 10 girls total and Friday and Saturday are the best nights.

It’s neat seeing the start of an club, its a blank canvas and the people who become “regulars” define what it is. If you and your boys are looking for a chill place to drink and see titties without all the hassle then this might be your place.

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Why I’ll never let my gf go to a bachelorette party

I admit that I’ve witnessed a male strip review before. Once I forgot that Venus, now Seven Bar, had gay night on Saturday and not in the mood to pay for parking someplace else, went in w/ the gf. It was pretty interesting and the crowd “really got into it“, but I’ll elaborate on that more later. Besides, gay bars have the best alcohol!

Anyways I was lurking monitoring the internet when a buddy of mine told me about a crazy site he just saw called Dancing Bear. I thought it was some kinda youtube viral video with a furry but to my surprise it’s a porn site that films bachelorette parties and all the wild shit that goes on.

Now if you’ve ever been to a male strip review, you know that WOMEN ARE THE NASTIEST FREAKIEST CREATURES IN THE WORLD! I swear you throw a half naked man in front of estrogen-fueled females and they will grab every inch of that dude and bite his cock off! So when I saw the shit going on at Dancing Bear I was not suprised, however very turned on! I just hope I never see my gf in any of those videos!!!!

Check out Dancing Bear’s Free Tour!

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Who’s your favorite Hawaii club girl?

Everyone in Hawaii has their favorite watering hole. I used to love Club Ai down in Waikiki because I had a few friends who worked there and basically loved checking out all the beautiful Asian hostesses. During that time I also checked out a hostess bar in the Hawaiian Monarch hotel but that place is gone now, replaced by Club Hush.

Nowadays I’d rather frequent local bars like Tsunami’s on King St. They got a lot of cute waitresses but if I’m ever in the mood for something a little more risque I can just walk over to Club 939. One of the important factors to creating a repeat customer is having a cute bar girl that you just can’t take your eyes off of.

So my question to you is, “who is your favorite Hawaii club girl?” Comment!

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Its official: Katsuni at Club 939 this week!

Club 939 celebrates it’s 4th year anniversary!

To kick off this party, Hawaii’s premier gentlemen’s club brought down International Adult Star Katsuni direct from France!

This all goes down on August 12th & 13th and the party starts at 9PM. Don’t miss out on the festivities!

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Centerfolds Crystal Palace: end of an era

To end the rumors and speculations, Hawaii Porn Blog is here to confirm that Centerfolds on Keeaumoku is officially closed. There are a few speculations as to why the only 18+ stripclub in Hawaii has shut the doors but the fact remains that an institution has now come to an end.

I, like many other Oahu kids, was first turned on to Centerfolds at the ripe old age of 18. It was where I learned basic strip club etiquite, how to handle myself in adult situations, and the in’s and out’s of dating a stripper :)

Although the manager of Centerfolds has relocated to a “temporary” location on Kapiolani Blvd. next to Jazz Minds (the old Wild Horse location), it is merely a shadow of it’s former self…but I’ll elaborate on that later :(

R.I.P. Centerfolds…

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