Halia Hill: Possible Hawaiian Girl?

I got a comment from “razerz” who happened to notice a trap stamp across the back of Halia Hill that said Leilani. I did more digging around and most of the sites list her as Latina, but that doesn’t mean shit since most mainlanders don’t realize Hawaii is a state. Besides how would you advertise something as rare as a Hawaiian girl in your porn roster? “Check it out, we have 2000 white girls, 1000 black girls, 500 latin girls, and ONE Hawaiian girl!”

Watch the video then click the banner below to check out Halia Hill’s photos and let me know what you think!

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This soapy massage parlor looks a lot nicer than the one’s I’ve drunkenly stumbled walked into. First off is there’s no bars on the door and gigantic Samoan bouncers to scare away the looky-loo’s. More importantly Jandi Lin wasn’t there and if she was maybe I wouldn’t have whiskey-dicked it and walked away with sore nuts, a bruised pride, and an empty wallet. Plus those phantom itches down in happyland is no laughing matter!

Jandi Lin takes this hard worker and massages out all of his tension. Did you know that Jandi Lin used to sleep on an inflatable bed while she was making the transition from random Asian girl to AVN covergirl? Looks like we have something in common. And no jackass, it’s not the random Asian girl turned AVN covergirl part 😛

Let Jandi Lin work out YOUR tension at Soapy Massage!

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How Amia Miley Spent Labor Day Weekend

amia miley labor day party

Homegirl Amia Miley works hard for that money! This weekend our Hawaiian honeygirl represented the 808 state at the Mofos Labor Day Pool Party, doing exactly what she does best: dancing on dick and juggling jizz!

I LOVE sluts, god bless America!!!

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So you wanna shoot porn huh?

Then check out this behind the scenes look at the Hawaii Dreamgirls peeps in action with Jayna Oso. You gotta give it up to them for actually getting out there and actually doing it, and the footage they get is the highest quality produced in the islands. Plus getting a girl to be chill and relaxed while being butt naked with two dudes holding cameras buzzing around you can’t be easy!!! Enjoy the sneak peak and check out the rest of their work at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

jayna oso in purple bikini on Hawaiian beachJayna Oso nude in the Hawaiian sunJayna Oso naked on public Hawaiian beach

More beautiful island babes at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Hawaii Dreamgirls: Jandi Lin’s first ever sex scene

Some people are born to be doctors, some to be teachers, and others to be students. Jandi Lin was born to fuck, period. Usually a girl’s first hardcore scene is shy and hesitant, double dipping the cock in her mouth because she’s unsure as to how into it she should be. “Should I look at the camera or should I look at the guy with his cock inside me?” “Should I fake an orgasm like I see in other porn scenes or should I just like there like a dead fish?”

This inexperience and standoff performance is usually the formula for a girl’s first time on camera but Jandi Lin is quite the exception. She was eager and willing, it all came out on camera. The way she smiled at you, the enthusiasm in her eyes while gobbling cock. Most telling of all was that pleasured smile before requesting that she be choked while getting her pussy smashed and then the authentic look of pleasure and pain on her face with each thrust. I’ve always thought Jandi Lin was Hawaii’s own Sasha Grey and it’s sad that she left the biz with so much more to accomplish.

Oh well, there’s always Caroline :)

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State of the Economy: Even Pornstars Face Foreclosure!

When even Nicholas Cage can’t pay his mortgage I wonder how America’s pornstars are making due in this uncertain economy. With people illegally downloading and sharing porn I’m sure it’s getting harder and harder to find work.

Poor Hawaiian girl Amia Moretti and her boyfriend are facing foreclosure and the prick bank manager came to foreclose on their asses. Always eager to make a backdoor deal, the bankman say’s he’ll give them an extension on their loan if he can get a piece of Amia Moretti’s re-fine-ass. Eager to keep a roof over his head, Amia’s boy-bitch agrees and lets the bankman make deposits and withdrawls in Amia’s wet snatch before pulling out and liquidating his assets all over the Hawaiian girl’s face.

Who said economics cant be fun? Check out the pics for more fucks and figures 😉

amia moretti and the big dickamia moretti sucking dickAmia Moretti fuckedamia moretti doggystylehawaiian pussyHawaiian girl facial

More big shlongs breaking bitches at King Dong!

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Hawaii dreamgirl Jayna Oso gets wet!

jayna oso sexy beach nude

I wanted to feature these photos from Jayna Oso’s latest appearance on Hawaii Dreamgirls because frankly no one does it better. This is calendar-quality photography, like the kind you see at Don Quijote and mail off to friends and family in the mainland. It get’s them jealous off of all our beautiful women and tropical paradise while they freeze their asses off in the snow somewhere, trying to make a buck out of 50 cents.

You really gotta take a few moments out of your day to appreciate how beautiful the girls are here and how awesome Hawaii is. So I recommend grabbing a drink at Mai Tai’s, a coffee at Ward Starbucks, or where ever the girls frequent, sit outside and just enjoy the warm air and hot ladies that make Hawaii beautiful!

But if you cant get away from the desk then you can always check out these photos :)

jayna oso hawaii beach nudejayna oso nude beach photojayna oso nude sunsethawaiian pornstar jayna osojayna oso spreads her assJayna Oso Hawaii sunset

More Jayna Oso photos and videos at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Jayna Oso Invades Kaneohe

Did you know that Jayna Oso is a Kaneohe girl? I dated a chick from the Windward side and I can testify that girls out that side can get buck wild! Maybe it’s because there really isn’t much to do out there except fish, go beach, smoke weed, and “poke squid” 😉

Photographer Ryan Kerns shot these hot photos for Hawaii Dreamgirls and those fuck me eyes gave me wet dreams. However unlike these sweet/teasing photos, my wet dream was more like the filthy hardcore anal scenes that Jayna Oso is known worldwide for; This beautiful pornstar is Hawaii’s version of anal queen Katsuni!

More Jayna Oso Kaneohe girl photos at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Amia Moretti Has a Talented Vagina

Damn I am good at spotting local chicks! Take Amia Moretti for instance, I was looking around some porn blogs and the minute I saw her face I thought, this girl looks like she got some Hawaiian in her. Sure she had a hibiscus tattoo but lots of girls have flower tattoos. After some digging I found out that she indeed does have Hawaiian blood but I was even more surprised at the amount of cock this girl has guzzled, gulped, sucked, fucked, and had slapped across her face;
I think I’m in love!

I’ll ease you into Amia Moretti with this classy photo set of her fisting that Hawaiian pussy. I wonder what else she’s tried to shove up there?!?!

First Time Video girls Galore here, check ’em out!

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Hawaiian Girl Amai Lui in Outdoors Bondage

More Hawaiian pornstars in bondage! I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or some kind of subliminal message about the struggle of Native Hawaiians but Amai Lui has found herself gagged, bound, and exposed at Disgraced18!

Here’s just a taste of her hardcore scene with a link to the free video preview, enjoy!

Click here for Free video preview at Disgraced18!

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