Mika Tan helps rub one out for hump day!

Hawaiian Pornstar and Asian massage mistress Mika Tan helps this stressed young stud make it through Wednesday.

The shitty midway point between work and the weekend goes by so much faster with some lubrication.  For a little generosity, Hawaii girl Mika Tan is more than happy to lend a hand and rub out any issues you’re having.

If that was too subtle for you I basically said massage parlor girls will suck you and fuck you for cash. Have a happy Wednesday courtesy of HAPPY TUGS!

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Amai Liu takes it up her little Hawaiian ass!

I’m beginning to grow fond of this tiny tight Hawaiian girl!

The little darling Amai Liu gives us a very graphic testament to the elasticity of human skin.  This scene is from I Want to Buttfuck an Indian #1 by Devils Film. If you want the whole scene in high quality video then click the banner below to visit Devils Film!

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Devils Film

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Mahina Zaltana at Milk Enema

mahina zaltana milk enema

Hawaiian pornstar Mahina Zaltana is on one of the newest and weirdest adult website, Milk Enema. Basically its an anal-lover’s fantasy website with chicks cleaning each other out so nothing but white cream flows out of their beautiful butts before getting big dicks shoved inside ’em.

It’s strangely erotic seeing your favorite pornstars like Mahina Zaltana and Jennifer White drink milk and eat whipped cream out of another girls ass.You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how turned on this site will make you, check out the preview photos below and you’ll see what I mean!

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Milk Enema Free Preview

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I’m Following Kayme Kai

kayme kai website

So I’ve been trying to get into Twitter and the first Hawaii pornstar I followed was Kayme Kai. She’s always tweeting away about pictures and personal opinions which makes for some pretty entertaining tweets. The great thing I’ve found about Twitter is all of those personal photos. I’m a fan of gritty amateur nudity and this is a social media technology after my own heart.

You can follow Kayme Kai @kaymekai, or you can watch her take dicks on her personal website! 😀

Check out Kayme Kai’s website and support your local pornstars!

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Amia Miley the Exploited College Girl

I think this might be Amia Miley’s first ever hardcore scene! When I was at UH I don’t remember many college coeds eager to get fucked and filmed and had I known that there were so many Hawaii pornstars I would’ve gone for my masters degree in “biology” and “woman’s studies” 😀

Enjoy this preview video of Amia Miley’s “first time” and check out Exploited College Girls for the rest!

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He told her to fuck him “Hawaiian Style”…

And this is what Mia Lelani put out! This Hawaiian hottie got all tacky-tourist for her boyfriend’s “Waikiki beach girl sex fantasy”, sporting a plastic lei with bikini and floral sarong. I’m not really digging Mia Lelani’s hair color now but I wouldn’t kick that juicy ass out of bed for it. Maybe I can just turn the lights down low or pretend that I’m back in the 90’s when sun-in hair was still hot. Yea that should work.

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wild MILF Adrianna

Hawaiian MILF Adrianna

I’ve been having some wild fantasies about fucking mature women lately. There’s just something alluring about rolling around with a stacked MILF, full of voluptuous curves, dick sucking lips, and a sloppy-wet vagina grinding on my dick with a skill that only experience and lots of practice can provide. Adrianna fits the bill, looking like a desperate housewife eager to escape the bullshit of suburban life and a husband who doesn’t appreciate her. This hot Hawaiian MILF, who’s appeared nude on sites like Hawaii Dreamgirls, is ready for action and hungry for a hung young stud to fuck her like a cum-crazed college girl!

Watch Adrianna take a fat cock at MILF’s Wild Holiday!

MILFs Wild Holiday

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Amia Miley fucks on the first date!

Amia Miley fucks on the first date

Hawaiian pornstar Amia Miley is a free spirited girl who loves to have a good time. Due to her profession Amia Miley finds it hard to meet decent guys so whenever she can go out on a date she’s more than eager to jump at the chance. Show this Hawaiian hottie a good time and she’ll give you a night to remember!

Check out these hardcore preview photos from and if you like what you see then you’ll LOVE the full video in their members area!

Amia Miley Fucks On The First Date at!

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A blast from my past, Sabrine Maui!

I first met Sabrine Maui at Centerfolds on Keeaumoku when I was about 19. I was dating an ex-stripper who pulled herself off the pole a couple months earlier. Things were pretty cool between us and we were still in that honeymoon phase. I loved the idea of having a chick who used to strip, walking in with her knowing that everyone fantasized about fucking her and I now get to do it on a regular basis. Also with Sabrine Maui in town I figured there’s a possiblity of a threesome and who wouldn’t wanna fuck a famous pornstar? Stupid kids.

Anyways my ex chick, lets call her Flower, was good friends with Sabrine so we went down to say hi and watch her dance. She went into the feature dancer dressing room while I chilled by the stage taking in the sights. Time was passing and Flower still hadn’t come out so I got curious and knocked on the door. Sabrine opens it and in the background I see Flower putting on a neon bikini with a shit-eating grin on her face. What I gathered is she was going to fuck Sabrine Maui with a strap-on and possibly take it herself. Once a stripper always a stripper I guess.

Eventually time passed, we broke up, and now I can watch Sabrine Maui get fucked like a silly slut without using my tears as lubrication.
Happy days are here again! 😀

Share my happiness, watch Sabrine Maui get drenched in cum!!!

Kick Ass Productions

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Is it possible to steal a lipstick lesbian away from her girlfriend?

It’s a question that I’ve been bouncing around in my alpha-male mind for the past some odd months. We’ve all seen lipstick lesbians, girls who pretend to be into other girls but still enjoy being with guys, and I’m guessing that if the right guy says the right words then it’s highly plausible that he could snatch the forbidden fruit from the evil clutches of a sarlac pit. Getting with chicks who have boyfriends or husbands is one thing, but a chick who’s currently batting for the other team has some insane Chasing Amy street cred right thurr.

Please pardon my movie references, I disconnected my cable and have been living off of Hulu & Netflix for the past week and it’s beginning to take its toll on me.

What does this have to do with Amia Miley eating vagina for breakfast? Absolutely nothing. But wasn’t it fun? 😀

Dates are expensive, porn is cheap, sign up to Muffia and save $$$!!!

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