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The US Military is a major importer of fuckable white girls to Hawaii and, besides my personal feelings about Hawaii’s history with the armed forces, I’m pretty damn cool with this because how else would we get a steady stream of new strippers and Hawaii porn models?!?

I remember talking to this one stripper at Femme Nu who was in the Air Force but did the stripper gig to help pay the bills. Another dancer said she only did it when her husband was deployed so she could get side sex cash. To these hard working women who serve the Military I salute you — with my penis! 😀

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Beautiful Hawaii girls for under $10, What else do you need?!?

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Check out Island Girl’s newest wahine!

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Did you see the new Island Girl this week? Her name is Noelle and she is a cutie! This nude Hawaii girl has a gorgeous smile that could light up a room and bedroom eyes that would make any man’s cock jump a bit. What do you guys think about Noelle?

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2010 Come to Hawaii Advertisement

I got a chance to see the advertisements our travel industry dishes out to California, and quite frankly they suck. It’s like a piss poor imitation of Mastercard’s “priceless” campaign. Sure people come to the islands to do all those outdoorsy type shit but really what they want is a nice place to chill, drink, and check out chicks. This goes for married people too, they’re worse than singles because they’re more likely to use their wife as a lure to catch bisexual girls willing to do a threesome. Fuck I gotta get married.

Here’s my concept, put this photo of Layla Rivera in every bar across California with the following slogan, Hawaii: Hot Chicks, Cold Beer, What Else Do You Need?!? If you see that campaign in 2011 it either means I got hired by the Hawaii Tourism Authority or I’m down at Alakea Street trying to sue someone!

Hawaii Dreamgirls: Hot Chicks, Hot Videos, BYOB.

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Kamaaina Cori Gets Wet

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Cori is the kinda kamaaina queen you see on those Hawaii girl calendars at Don Quijote; cute, realistic, but someone  you’d probably never run into in your day to day life. And if you did there’s no way  you could get the image of those huge tits perfectly perched in a Victoria Secrets bra out of your mind! Originally from Island Girls, Cori has started shooting for Hawaii Dreamgirls and I couldn’t be happier! I wonder if she’ll ever do hardcore porn? 😀

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Even more photos of Cori at Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Pussy Fetish: Exotic Filipina Kitty Pantera in Leopard Print

Kitty Pantera is back in action again at Asian American Girls and she still looks yummy! Dark meat has never been my choice cut but the caramel complexion on this Hawaii Pinay wets my appetite. My only complaint is that I had to put her video on mute so that I didn’t have to hear the Asianman go on in his usual droning and word vomit about Hawaii blah blah blah. It’s like watching a stripper work the pole at Femme Nu and having your friend talk in your ear about the football game on TV; honestly dude pussy or pigskins and like Captain Planet said THE CHOICE IS YOOOOOUURRRSS!!! (yea random sorry)

Oh Kitty Pantera, when are you gonna do hardcore?!?!

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More amateur Filipina cuties at Asian American Girls!

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Hawaii Dreamgirls: Jandi Lin’s first ever sex scene

Some people are born to be doctors, some to be teachers, and others to be students. Jandi Lin was born to fuck, period. Usually a girl’s first hardcore scene is shy and hesitant, double dipping the cock in her mouth because she’s unsure as to how into it she should be. “Should I look at the camera or should I look at the guy with his cock inside me?” “Should I fake an orgasm like I see in other porn scenes or should I just like there like a dead fish?”

This inexperience and standoff performance is usually the formula for a girl’s first time on camera but Jandi Lin is quite the exception. She was eager and willing, it all came out on camera. The way she smiled at you, the enthusiasm in her eyes while gobbling cock. Most telling of all was that pleasured smile before requesting that she be choked while getting her pussy smashed and then the authentic look of pleasure and pain on her face with each thrust. I’ve always thought Jandi Lin was Hawaii’s own Sasha Grey and it’s sad that she left the biz with so much more to accomplish.

Oh well, there’s always Caroline :)

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Maui Girl Gone Wild: 21 year-old Leilani at ATK Exotics

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I’ve only been to Maui a couple times and never really got to play but when I check out the sweet ass on Leilani I’m sure there are more mountains to be explored there and I’m not talking about Haleakala (volcano if you wanna get technical)

ATK Exotics bio information on Leilani says shes a hapa-haole 21 year old who loves hip-hop, rap, and reggae music. She gets turned on by having her body licked while playing with her clit, and her secret fantasy is to have five girls all over her while she gets fucked.

I guarantee you that if her ATK Exotics bio was part of Maui’s tourism advertisements they’d have more visitors to the islands than hotels to house them; i’m buying my ticket right now, Hawaiian Airlines FTW!

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Damn my back is KILLING me!!!

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Here’s a tip people, NEVER try to replace your old mattress with one of those inflatable beds. The picture on the box usually shows a happy haole couple relaxing on the thing by a camp fire in the great outdoors; This picturesque fantasy is totally not what you get and you’d be better off throwing the piece of shit in the fire to signal for help! Honestly it’s like trying to sleep in one of those child bouncy houses but without the piss and kid poo smell. I figured I could save some extra cash by picking up the inflatable for $30 instead of a real bed for $400 but my back is in a world of hurt now and the saved cash will probably just go to a chiropractor :(

I hopped into the Island Girls site to comfort my aching body when I came across the latest photo shoot with Trinh Li and Shana doing yoga in the nude on one of Oahu’s not so secluded beaches. Are they mocking me with their youthful flexibility? Look at how they arch their backs and perk their ass up. Look how their soft supple skin glows in the sunlight as they bend over to touch their toes and flash the sweet peaches between their legs. Look at how easily they bring the knees to their chest while flexing the lower part of their back to show off those analsex-tastic asses.

Fuck I need a new bed asap because there’s now way in hell I’m scoring punani on a rubber yoga mat :(

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Hapa Cutie Suzy Q, Newest Amateur Asian-American Girl!

Asianman Don Fernando loves his Hawaii-connection girls and I’m pretty damn impressed on how all the local chicks want to film with him. Suzy Q is adorable but I gotta admit that the Asianman is starting to piss me off with all the talking in his vids. It always ends up with him asking lame questions, the girl giving a skeptical response and then he goes off on a five-minute “ABC store” Hawaiian history rant.

How’s a guy supposed to jack off when he’s getting the island chain messed up and talking about how Hawaiian’s pronounce w like a v?!?! Thank god for pictures and the mute button! 😀

Watch Suzy Q’s Full Video at Asian American Girls!

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Geez Hawaii Girls Love To Fuck Huh?!?

First off I gotta give props to the readers of Hawaii Porn Blog for keeping me informed especially peeps like s@s, fokaig, and nuinalu…I dunno where you guys find some of this stuff!!!

Nuinalu gave me a tip on a alleged Oahu girl named Ivy who’s getting broken into the porn scene over at Amateur Allure. She’s pretty cute and got a little island flair and I initially thought it was just some softcore, flash the nani, type video but this girl knows how to suck a dick and take it hard too. Figure I’d share the wealth and post the video for everyone to enjoy along with some sweet pics of all the action.

As I was actually writing this post, I checked the comments and s@s told me of a former rising-star singer from Hawaii, who was featured in Midweek article back in 2005, now got videos of her boyfriend giving it to her doggy style and then letting her ride on top. Now mind you the girl getting dicked out on camera hasn’t been verified to be her, but it looks damn similar…plus the file name adds to it’s legitimacy. I also don’t know when the vid was made so I’m not posting it on the blog…last thing I need is to get in trouble for pussy that I never hit! :(

I’m pretty sure ya’ll wanna talk about this so I will allow relevant comments :)

Is Ivy from Oahu? You Be The Judge at Amateur Allure!

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