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Annie Lee fucked in bikini and heels

This isn’t Hawaii porn but Annie Lee looks very similar to a girl I used to go steady with until we had a disagreement; she felt obligated to hop other dude’s dicks and I disagreed. My point is that everytime I see Asian pornstar Annie Lee take a big dick and ride that fucker with a look of agony on her face I feel like my ex is getting hers too. Punish her!!! 😀

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Hawaiian Beach Threesome Sex

I’ve found another great selection of Hawaii porn at Peter Girls! I think homeboy is based out of Maui which is probably why he’s got these hot haole girls locked on his cock. (Maui has a lot of Haoles if you didn’t know, they like retire/escape there or something)

The blonde girl in these photos really turns me on, I love that sweet & innocent look on her face right before she gets a load of cum dumped on it; milk does a body good babe!

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Amia Miley fucks on the first date!

Amia Miley fucks on the first date

Hawaiian pornstar Amia Miley is a free spirited girl who loves to have a good time. Due to her profession Amia Miley finds it hard to meet decent guys so whenever she can go out on a date she’s more than eager to jump at the chance. Show this Hawaiian hottie a good time and she’ll give you a night to remember!

Check out these hardcore preview photos from and if you like what you see then you’ll LOVE the full video in their members area!

Amia Miley Fucks On The First Date at!

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A blast from my past, Sabrine Maui!

I first met Sabrine Maui at Centerfolds on Keeaumoku when I was about 19. I was dating an ex-stripper who pulled herself off the pole a couple months earlier. Things were pretty cool between us and we were still in that honeymoon phase. I loved the idea of having a chick who used to strip, walking in with her knowing that everyone fantasized about fucking her and I now get to do it on a regular basis. Also with Sabrine Maui in town I figured there’s a possiblity of a threesome and who wouldn’t wanna fuck a famous pornstar? Stupid kids.

Anyways my ex chick, lets call her Flower, was good friends with Sabrine so we went down to say hi and watch her dance. She went into the feature dancer dressing room while I chilled by the stage taking in the sights. Time was passing and Flower still hadn’t come out so I got curious and knocked on the door. Sabrine opens it and in the background I see Flower putting on a neon bikini with a shit-eating grin on her face. What I gathered is she was going to fuck Sabrine Maui with a strap-on and possibly take it herself. Once a stripper always a stripper I guess.

Eventually time passed, we broke up, and now I can watch Sabrine Maui get fucked like a silly slut without using my tears as lubrication.
Happy days are here again! 😀

Share my happiness, watch Sabrine Maui get drenched in cum!!!

Kick Ass Productions

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Hawaiian pornstars in the VIP!

We all know that Hawaiian pornstars hit the club now and then but get a bunch of them together in short skirts with no panties on and you’ve got one hell of a party on your hands!
That’s exactly what happened In The VIP when the hottest Asian pornstars converged on a club to party and watch Evelyn Lin get her pussy serviced by an LA douche bag. What is it with haole douchebags attracting all of the hot Asian chicks? I could probably make a whole blog dedicated to Asian girls with douchebags but I’d probably have to fist-pump my face after writing a post :(

Enter the VIP for more Photos and Videos!

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Hawaii Girl Mahina Zaltana Anal Sex Photos

Yea yea I know this header image isn’t anal sex but it was too hot not to put up top. Besides it’s more of an incentive for you to check out the preview pics from Big Tits Creampie! These pics compliment a video I’ve posted before.

It does seem to be the case that as a chick gets older she’s more open to trying new things. You can barely get a young girl to try new foods let alone put a meat stick up her bum! Maybe older babes have something to prove, or maybe just having the adoring eye of a young stud like myself yourself puts them in a very compliant state. Whatever the reason it’s best not to fuck up a good thing by asking stupid questions.

OK boys lets head to Rumors and make some MILF’s night!!! 😀

More hotties getting fucked at Big Tit Creampie!

Big Tit Creampie

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Hawaiian pornstar gets anal sexed and creampied

Hawaiian cougar Mahina Zaltana just loves a filthy fucking and the boys at Big Tit Creampie were more than happy to oblige. This local girl gets face fucked, tits sucked, gaped and taped so check out the video preview and be sure to watch her full scene at Big Tit Creampie!

Big Tit Creampie

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Maria Ozawa: Hope for kids who wanted to fuck the hot chick

This isn’t Hawaii Porn but I think Maria Ozawa can teach us a valuable lesson: you too have a chance at fucking the hot chick from your past!

Ok so Maria Ozawa started her career as a young and sexy AV idol who only did nude modeling and solo masturbation scenes. Everyone wanted to fuck her but she was in such great demand that sex on camera wasn’t necessary for her career. Fast forward a few years and her looks aged, making that fresh-faced sweetheart begin to look like every other Japanese piece of ass on the internet. Soon people started demanding more of her to justify the high price and that is how we got to witness that precious peach penetrated for the first time. Well it’s 2011 now and Maria Ozawa getting bukakke’d on and fucked by two guys is the new normal; good for you and good for me :)

Lesson to be learned here is that even if the hot chick wouldn’t fuck you, let alone talk to you in back in the days, don’t fret; she’ll get older, you’ll make more money, and thus you become a much more attractive dish in this sexual buffet we call life. BUT be sure to wrap your jimmy cuz you don’t wanna be the last man at the table; they always get stuck with the bill. Happy Valentine’s Day Bitches!

Maria Ozawa and more Japanese hotties at All Japanese Pass!

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Hawaii Girl on Happy Tugs?

So a buddy of mine told me that Nipsey from Happy Tugs is a Hawaii girl from Kaneohe so I’m throwing this video on Hawaii Porn Blog for you to be the judge. She kinda sounds like a local girl and her body got that “kamaaina cushion” which makes you wanna slap her ass and give it to her doggystyle! Speaking of which, anyone seen Caroline lately? 😀

There’s more of Nipsey at Happy Tugs, check it out here!

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Quote of the day: “I’m sorry that you’re so stupid!”

This scene from Pornstar Punishment taps into the mini-misogynist in me, and in every other man alive who thinks Tila Tequila and Kim Kardashian are just whores with too much press, so I know you’ll like it! Amia Miley is a straight up bitch to this mildly-retarded dude who only knows how to seek revenge by fucking her like the dirty slut she is. If you like more of the rough sex stuff then check out the Pornstar Punishment tour for more videos!

pornstar punishment

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