Pictures from Halloween [no porn]

So I finally got around to uploading my photos from this Halloween! These are from the kickass block party in Downtown Honolulu and I bet this is gonna be where the party is at come New Years Eve and next Halloween.

Lotta great costumes out and the Hawaii girls did not disappoint, showing up as sexy rollergirls, disco bunnies, Brazilian dancers, police officers (she might have really been a cop) and basically anything that could be turned into a skimpy and sexy outfit.

Bo peep is adorable but obviously had odd taste in men…maybe they both just love sheep? :)

Isn’t Nikki’s Arcade a porn shop?!?! Strawberry Shortcake I love your style!!!

Another Bo Peep, this time with better company; Oktoberfest girl!

So all in all Halloween in Hawaii is a blast and the island girls looked awesome as ever. I hope they block off Nuuanu for New Years and have this block party styled event again because I’m so in!

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Support the Local Economy: Buy Hawaii Porn!

These two sex kitten Hawaii girls frolicking on the beach wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, some tacky tourist puka shell leis and sweet smiles makes my little tiki god happy :)

Just because your 401k went to shit doesn’t mean the tropical aroma of real amateur Hawaii porn is out of your reach! Island girls delivers some bang for your buck and will surely be the sunshine to your rainy day :)

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New addition to Hawaii Porn Blog

Isle of Joy

I’m starting to catalog all the Hawaii Pornstars and Hawaii Girls who have made a name for themselves within the adult industry.  I’ll be eventually creating bio pages with links to their galleries and other interesting links related to these Hawaii porn godesses. Stay tuned!

NOTE: If you see that I’m missing someone in the list on the left column of this site then post a comment here and I’ll add it to the list.

Asian Bar Cams

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Hawaii pornstar Chelsea Zinn

Hawaii pornstar

A full bio is hard to find on this Hawaii Pornstar Chelsea Zinn, but what is known is that she’s 37-years old and born in the islands. Check her out as she takes on the Insane Cock Brothers in some hardcore tag-team interacial action!

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More Hawaii porn from Isle of Joy!

Valentina from Isle of Joy photo1

Johnny asked for more from our last posting of Valentina from Isle of Joy so I dug around their site and found a sexy set of this net nymph!Valentina from Isle of Joy photo2

Her innocent face makes me want to corrupt that tight little body of hers, videotape it, then send it back to her parents! Cute girls with beautiful bodies is what Hawaii porn is all about! If you want to see the rest of the set then check out Isle of Joy, the price is half that of other sites around the net so at least you get your money’s worth.

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More Hawaii Porn at Starbucks!

Haole girl flashes at Hawaii Starbucks

Continuing my whole white girls at Starbucks kick from yesterday, I found this photo on Isle of Joy, a locally based Hawaii porn site. The site is chock full of haole girls prancing around naked on Hawaii’s public beaches and getting banged out by their boyfriends in country cottages.

So if you’re tired of getting cut off by military dudes racing around the islands in their Mustangs and motorcycles, sign up to Isle of Joy and imagine that the white girl getting dicked out is their wife; who knows it actually might be!

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Stalking white girls at Starbucks

white girl wears bikini top
YAY FOR SUMMER!!! Nothing is better than slutty little white girls in Hawaii showing off their tiny titties in bikini tops while waking down the street! If you don’t all ready know I have this disturbing desire for white girls. Maybe its reprocity or some kind of inferiority complex but I keep fantasizing about having a rich haole girl suck my cock and lick my ass hole then giving her the roughest anal sex shes ever had in her life, all the while videotaping it for her business tycoon daddy to watch on his big screen tv when he gets home. Take THAT Hawaii Kai!!!

stalking white girl from afar

Can you guess which Starbucks this was taken at? They have a tanning salon near by and lots of these wannabe Hills girls come through there. Just make sure you fuck them with their sunglasses on; they cover the face for a reason.  If you too wish to fantasize about torturing future Miss Hawaii’s then I suggest paying a visit to the pervs at Real Teen Video Club, they know whats up.

white girl sucks cock and take cumshot to the face

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Hawaii girl Kel should not be in porn.

Hawaii porn girl kel

Whenever I think of a typical “porn girl,” images of silicone titties and asses the size of hubcaps with stick-thin limbs jutting out here and there. She would personify all the dirty things you wish your girlfriend would let you do, begging for anal and smiling after every cumshot to the face. Kel from Hawaii Dreamgirls does NOT seem like one of those girls. She looks like the Eva Longoria of Hawaii; classy and sassy on the outside but the type to wake the neighbors with her screams of pleasure. This Hawaii girl reminds me of the chicks I used to check out at that private school located on Punahou St. and Wilder Ave.


You know, used to check out… yea… thats right.

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Hapa haole Hawaii porn

hawaii girl valentina

This hapa-haole hottie named Valentina comes to us from Island Girls. Anytime I think of surfer girls it’s usually a hapa-haole beach bunny with sun-kissed skin and a tight little body, which is no wonder why I’m totally in love with Valentina! The rasta hat she’s sporting above makes me wanna smoke a bowl and give her a few hits off my bong 😉

hapa haole girl

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Hardcore Haole Hawaiian Porn

haole hawaii porn

This hot haole girl gets picked up right off the beach and makes some hot Hawaiian porn. The photos of this hardcore anal sex scene are awesome and the video is even better! Check out the video at Hawaii Dreamgirls and watch this beach babe get fucked!

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