More awesome amateur porn (thank you ex-boyfriends)

The creators of Me and My Asian have come up with another diabolical website called Watch My GF. The site puts the load of ex-girlfriend photos and videos from across the interweb right at your fingertips, including this curly haired cutie. She kinda reminds me of this Starbucks worker I used to hit on back in my college days. Never got anywhere with that but hey I’ve always got these pics to work off of ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love amateur porn? Then Watch My GF!!!

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Ok so I’ll cave…

So I am not gonna make any claims to this being true, nor am I hosting it, but to quote the movie 8MM: “I don’t buy it. I don’t endorse it. I just point the way.”

So the tapes allegedly show a girl named Caroline Oguma getting her sexy ass pounded cowgirl and doggystyle and I gotta admit, whoever she is, she’s got some talent! I feel bad for the bf though cuz in one of the videos he totally couldn’t handle her sex drive and came well before she got hers.

So yea caving to the pressures I’ll post links to the vids but I make no claim of authenticity and if homegirl wants it down I’ll agree. With that said, perv away peeps!

EDIT: Caroline was cool and asked to take the links down. She was nice about it and you gotta give her some privacy when they ask nicely. Remember peeps get what you give!

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Ex Girlfriend Revenge Photos

Here is the age old story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, and break up in a torrent of profanities and broken furniture. In ancient times (1980s) it would have ended there but with the internet, digital cameras, and high bandwidth, you can now take it up a notch and post sexy-time photos of your ex-girlfriend getting skewered with your cock like a succulent pig. Isn’t young love grand? :)

These pics are from Me and My Asian. I say the boyfriend got the upper hand hear because nothing says its over like sending her daddy a link to the 16 photos of her gobbling up your cock. Enjoy!

Ex Girlfriend Photos at Me and My Asian!

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I Heart Emo Bitches!!!

Woohoo finally a site that caters to my secret desires! Back in the days I used to hang out in the “rave” scene and slowly migrated into the Dungeon crowd. I wasn’t hardcore into it, I didn’t paint my face white, wear guy liner, Victorian era clothes, or any of that nonsense. Sounds like I never had a reason to be there right? WRONG! Those goth places got some freak & sexy girls! I’m talking hot wax, whips, leather boots, latex gloves, and good ‘ol fishnet stockings, ready to get down and dirty ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love a brunette with jet black hair in a short bob cut, square rimmed glasses with pale porcelain skin and fire engine red lipstick. chipped black nail polish or even whiteout is hotย  too, tattoos are a plus but a healthy ass and real tits are a must (fake tits can make a girl look like a tranny). What’s awesome nowadays is that most young girls rock that look w/out even being in the goth scene. It’s reclassified as “emo” but still not. Except for those skinny jeans though because they make 90% of Asian girls look like stumpy oompa loompas; real women have curves!

If you love emo bitches too, check out My Alternative GF!

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This is NOT the Kamehameha School Sex Tape

So I just saw the story ran by Honolulu’s Star Bulletin about Kamehameha Schools taking action against some kids who made a sex tape; personally I’m a little perplexed. Some think it’s a brand new tape but I’m thinking this is all about the “sporechan incident“. Would make sense though since the internet moves at lightspeed compared to the wheels of justice.

Since I’m unsure about the whole damn thing I’ll just put this great amateur titty fucking video and we can all just imagine what the latest Kamehameha Schools scandal was about. And if anyone Kamehameha school FEMALE graduates over 18 and interested in some “modeling” gigs LMK! ๐Ÿ˜€

Want More Amateur Asian Porn? Then Check Out Me and My Asian!

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Internet Porn: How Dirty Girls Stay Dirty Forever

Shit look at that bubble butt in the bathtub! Thats the kinda ass you gotta see bouncing up and down, reverse cowgirl style. This Asian chick is a real cutie with an adorable face, and a nice set of tits. Oh did I mention her great ass? Yea figured its worth saying twice.

I’m not sure if these are stolen amateur pictures but Me and My Asian has moreย  photos and other homemade porn sure to satisfy the lurker/pervert inside of you. Anyone going to the Punahou Carnival? ๐Ÿ˜€

More Asian Chicks Sucking Dicks @ ME and MY ASIAN!

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When Hawaii kids go to college in the mainland…

First off these are not my pictures and if this is your daughter then please talk to the people at Trashed Girlfriends. Then again if this is your daughter I’m pretty sure you’d be speechless. There are a bunch more of these UCLA girls (there’s a sign in one of the gallery photos) and boy does this shit bring back memories, makes me consider going back to take a few college classes. Tu Quero mi burrito seniorita?

Because I’m chicken shit, click here and visit the gallery

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First Friday = Trashed Girlfriends!

Yay it’s Friday, and FIRST Friday is happening again in Downtown Honolulu! I’m definitely going down tonight, particularly for the wine bar and a quick pop over to Mercury Bar. I used to love going to Bar 35 but all the trendies hang out there nowadays and it gets super packed.

The great thing about First Friday are all the ditsy white girls who come out to get their drink on (what is it with white people and Chinatown?!?) Hopefully they put on a good show tonight and get sloppy drunk so I can take some amateur photos for the blog…I wonder if Trashed Girlfriends would be interested in buying it? ๐Ÿ˜€

Photos courtesy of Trashed Girlfriends, Check them out!

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Real O-Faces at Beautiful Agony

A girl’s orgasm is one of the most illusive natural wonders on the planet, often imitated to boost my male egos but few can truly say they’ve encountered it in the wild. That shit should have it’s own discovery channel show!

Beautiful Agony has been able to document the orgasm faces of countless individuals, chicks, dudes, couples, etc. all getting their rocks off however they see fit. It’s really unique stuff and the interviews are pretty hot since girls go into detail about what turns them on and what they think about to get their juices flowing. Check out their site for more preview videos!

Experience the O-face at Beautiful Agony!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Yaaaayyy the weekend is here! Got anything good planned? I actually might hit up the beach, maybe even drive out to Lanikai and lurk look at all the rich people’s houses. Before starting my weekend early I wanted to show you this brand-spanking new gallery from Me and My Asian featuring a bunch of bikini babes to get you in the mood. You know, for the beach.

Enjoy this free preview gallery and have a great weekend!

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