Roni’s Paradise STILL plays ball!

Roni’s Paradise dealt a blow to the Hawaii porn scene last week when they announce that Hawaiian MILF Roni would be retiring from porn and closing the site. Countless numbers of her fans and members reached out to her, pleading that she stay in the industry and keep her site up, that she couldn’t say no. Here’s the latest announcement from Roni’s Paradise:

I guess by now you’ve probably seen that we decided to shut my site down at the end of January. After making the announcement to our members, contacting our affiliates and notifying other webmasters, emails started pouring in asking why. Our site was one their favorites and with the combination of my style, Lucky’s photography and our beautiful island setting, Roni’s Paradise was one of their best money makers. Even their wives enjoyed it! Right away I wondered if I’d made a mistake and definitely felt deep sadness and stress when member emails full of love and support started coming in from all over the globe.

The last eleven years have been the most wonderful and fulfilling of my life. I’ve blossomed into a woman that came to understand her sexuality and the power it possessed to give pleasure and happiness. How could I turn that off and reel her in just because I’m turning 6O? More importantly, I’ve made dear friends for life and that is priceless. I just can’t quit “cold turkey”.

That being said, I’ve decided to pull a Brett Favre (Google him if you need to) and come out of my very brief “retirement”, re energized and committed to giving you the best content I can. Hey, athletes and celebrities do it all the time and since I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative!

Much Aloha,

I’m very pleased to announce that Roni’s Paradise will remain open! Please stop by her site and become a member, she puts out awesome content and we should support Hawaii’s local pornographers!

Click here to visit Roni’s Paradise!

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