“Hi Midori, um, is that your pimp?”

Hey Midori is a cute Hawaii girl, did you expect her to stay single for long? But don’t let homeboy’s adonis physique stop you from wacking off to Midori’s great ass, thats why we have two hands silly: use one hand to wax your stick and the other to block him from the pic 😀

This hapa-haole girl is an absolute delight and I wish I could show you more awesome photos but you should really check out Island Girls and download the full set. Midori’s pretty pussy spread out on a Hawaiian beach is just another reason to say were lucky to live in paradise!

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island girls

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3 Responses to ““Hi Midori, um, is that your pimp?””

  1. Kaimi says:

    So much testosterone… speaking of which, you know what the next best thing is since the Kamehameha sex tapes? A Maryknoll tape. Youtube: Maryknoll Fury

  2. admin says:

    Oh yea I saw that, sooo random! Kids these days I swear 😀

  3. porno izle says:

    oh yea nice Hawaii girl thx admin,

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