How Hipsters Handle Hurricanes

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With the streets full of water, and after taking a million photos of clouds and raindrops on windows with every iPhone app possible, hipster couples have nothing else to photograph other than each other having awesome hardcore sex. Am I complaining? Well if this hipster girl had the body of Danny DeVito as the Penguin from Batman Returns shoved into a pair of leggings or skinny jeans I might have but as you can see by the preview photos below this hot hipster girl is super cute!

Man I wanna bang some hipster chicks, I gotta go find some little girl jeans and stand outside of Starbucks brooding over my mocha frappuchino about how crappy my life is. Need the time baby? Oh well let me bust out my iPhone 5, which is A FREAKIN’ COMPUTER IN MY HAND, and have it speak out the time to you in whatever language you prefer. Jeez does this existance suck.

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