Island Girls Carmen Returns!

The beautiful brunette Carmen returns to Island Girls and Hawaii Porn Blog is luck enough to bring you some exclusive photos from her latest set. This sweet Hawaiian girl has been pretty popular lately, and I’ve heard that she might even be doing some work for Playboy soon. Personally I think it’d be a great change of pace from the blonde haired, blue-eyed bimbos with bolt on titties that only serve to tease a sad old man with sexual favors and promises of marriage but that’s just my opinion.

I think real Hawaii girls photographed nude in locations that I can visit are much more appealing and sites like Island Girls give me all I need. Well, unless I want the more hardcore stuff, but then there’s always Isle of Joy, Hawaii Dreamgirls, and Peter’s Girls; Decisions, decisions, decisions! 😀

See Carmen exclusively at Island Girls, click here for more photos!island girls


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