Wow they have really great hair.

Isle of Joy brings another amateur hardcore sex scene straight from the 808 state! Man I’ve been trying to do that F.O.B. flippy thing but it never comes out right and I end up looking like an emo kid’s punching bag. :(

I’m totally looking forward to more Asian amateur porn from Hawaii, I mean white chicks are great and all but too much of that shit and I’m smelling Herbal Essence and vanilla perfume all hours of the day!

See the full set at Isle of Joy!

Isle of Joy

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Posted on October 25th, 2010 | Category: hardcore sex, Hawaiian Porn, Vietnamese girls | 6 Comments »

6 Responses to “Wow they have really great hair.”

  1. nice says:

    recently signed up for isle of joy…its great!!!!

    im looking for that hapa haole Valentina that you posted on here a while back…is she still on the site? cant seem to find her!

  2. admin says:

    Isle of Joy is pretty cool and so is it’s sister site Island Girls!
    Valentina was a model from Island Girls and since that site works like a magazine, sets get pulled out of rotation. If you email the webmaster they could probably send you the set, they’re pretty cool peeps.

  3. anna millers says:

    this guy works for us as a busser

  4. admin says:

    Ya’ll better give him a raise!

  5. Anna millers customer says:

    Doesn’t Van still work there as a hostess?

  6. kawaii kon fan says:

    It was nice meeting you both at Kawaii Kon!

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