KT So: Gogo Girl Gone Wild!

Import model KT So takes me back in the days! I remember when the import scene was really blowing up in Hawaii…everyone was trying to trick out their parent’s cars, clubs and enthusiasts were trying to promote their brands and products, and even the n00bs tried to live their life a quarter mile at a time. As a horny high school kid there was nothing more thrilling than going to a car show. Not because of the pretty paint jobs and killer chrome aftermarket parts, but because there was always a booty contest with half naked girls getting buck wild on stage.

Models like Christine Mendoza, Sasha Singleton, and Cherie Roberts were always popular but my personal favorite was KT So. That girl has a body that would not quit and ass for days, who’d think homegirl was Chinese?!? I mean damn most chinese chicks have the body of a prepubescent boy.

The internet was kinda shitty back then and no matter how much I scoured the interweb, I couldn’t find any naked pics. Fast forward a decade (fuck its been that long?!?) and now KT So is doing naked webcams for cash (read: AWESOME!) Here’s the video off her official website, if you were like me and fantasized about undressing this import hottie then you NEED to visit her site (and bring tissue!)

Check out KT So’s Official Web Site!

kt so banner

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2 Responses to “KT So: Gogo Girl Gone Wild!”

  1. cool guy says:

    dude u know that chineese girl on the left in the AD that says Chinese American Girls.. welllll you should go check out Toys N Joys in Kaimuki there is a chick there that looks exactly like her LMAO!!!! SERioOUsLY EXACTLY!!!

  2. Kaimi says:

    Thanks for the advice a while back.
    Damn all these girls are shooting in my home town!
    Looks like I have to move back to Waimanalo.

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