2010 Come to Hawaii Advertisement

I got a chance to see the advertisements our travel industry dishes out to California, and quite frankly they suck. It’s like a piss poor imitation of Mastercard’s “priceless” campaign. Sure people come to the islands to do all those outdoorsy type shit but really what they want is a nice place to chill, drink, and check out chicks. This goes for married people too, they’re worse than singles because they’re more likely to use their wife as a lure to catch bisexual girls willing to do a threesome. Fuck I gotta get married.

Here’s my concept, put this photo of Layla Rivera in every bar across California with the following slogan, Hawaii: Hot Chicks, Cold Beer, What Else Do You Need?!? If you see that campaign in 2011 it either means I got hired by the Hawaii Tourism Authority or I’m down at Alakea Street trying to sue someone!

Hawaii Dreamgirls: Hot Chicks, Hot Videos, BYOB.

hawaii dreamgirls banner

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