I love lesbians. I’m not talking about the manly looking ones that try to hit on your girlfriend while you look on in utter confusion, nor am I talking about the traps that look like hot-girl lesbians but are only haggard beaten down ones with three-layers of bondo on their face. These are much harder to point out because they act and look totally different in the clubs but see them at their day job and you’d think the hot girl was eaten by Golem. True story.

Anyways the FTV girls put together this awesome indoor & outdoor strap on sex fest. Great thing about lesbian sex is that they always get off. Probably because there’s no dude going soft or minute men performances. They lick each other with such fury and determination I’m pretty sure they could get the the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop in two quick flicks. Enjoy! :)

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ftv girls

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2 Responses to “LESBIANS!!! HAOLE LESBIANS!!! :)”

  1. Kaimi says:

    Dear Hawaii Porn Blog,

    Oh ye of great knowledge. My girlfriend and I of three years have decided to allow each other the opportunity of having sex with others. We are each other’s firsts, and as such, are curious of doing the dirty deed with someone new. This does not mean however that we have come to love each other less, we simply want to do this to fulfill our curiousity. Though some may view it as mutual cheating, we view our decision as cheatin prevention! The reason that I come before you is this: last night my girlfriend had sex with someone we got off of craigslist. As expected, there were some emotional concerns that needed to be addressed, however things are all g now. Now it is my turn to find someone. However, in the world of craigslist, posting in the M4W section is like sticking your dick out in the middle of a vast empty ocean hoping for a bite. Now posting in the W4M section for her though has filled up our inbox to more than 140 e-mails within the first night.

    Why is casual sex so hard to find? Is it too much to ask for a one time only, no-strings attached, drama free encounter for a local college guy in a relationship? I request your words of wisdom!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Kaimi,
    Wow this is the first time anyone’s really asked me for advice. On the blog I mean :)

    First off congrats on having such an understanding relationship, my girlfriend threatens to cut my cock off if she even THINKS I’m checking out a girl; at times it can be cute but other times it’ll just ruin your day.

    I have a buddy who lives in Vegas who’s married with children and into the swinger lifestyle. They do the house party stuff but most of the time his wife is the one who picks up chicks and then brings the bacon home to daddy. If you’re girlfriend is down with a threesome then it might be a good way to ease you into sleeping with someone else. Besides most chicks have try-sexual friends who are always looking for an excuse to get freaky deaky.

    There are some swinger parties in Hawaii but it usually requires an application where you and your girl send in photos and short bios. If they think you’ll add to the group then they send you details on the next house party. I think Yahoo groups and craigslist have some group info but if you can’t find anything then a quick Google search should point you in the right direction.

    Worst comes to worse there’s always The Varsity on University, thats where I got my one night stands in the good ‘ol days. Plus it’s graduation season and there’s bound to be a lot of fresh meat on the market soon looking to get sauced 😉

    Good Luck!

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