Hawaii Dreamgirls: Jandi Lin’s first ever sex scene

Some people are born to be doctors, some to be teachers, and others to be students. Jandi Lin was born to fuck, period. Usually a girl’s first hardcore scene is shy and hesitant, double dipping the cock in her mouth because she’s unsure as to how into it she should be. “Should I look at the camera or should I look at the guy with his cock inside me?” “Should I fake an orgasm like I see in other porn scenes or should I just like there like a dead fish?”

This inexperience and standoff performance is usually the formula for a girl’s first time on camera but Jandi Lin is quite the exception. She was eager and willing, it all came out on camera. The way she smiled at you, the enthusiasm in her eyes while gobbling cock. Most telling of all was that pleasured smile before requesting that she be choked while getting her pussy smashed and then the authentic look of pleasure and pain on her face with each thrust. I’ve always thought Jandi Lin was Hawaii’s own Sasha Grey and it’s sad that she left the biz with so much more to accomplish.

Oh well, there’s always Caroline :)

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2 Responses to “Hawaii Dreamgirls: Jandi Lin’s first ever sex scene”

  1. rage808 says:

    hahaha i read the last part “theres always caroline” iv’e seen the vid and girl got skills. not to mention she has the looks too. ive also seen her perform in hawaii back when she had braces and no tits. the bitch grew up since then lol. big ass tits and a lot prettier i think she gave up on taking the vids offline cuz there everywhere now. no need to search high and low. just type it in google. she needs to come out with a new one. i believe she owes it to her devoted fans. and with a new dude too. someone more hung who can get deep in it. girl needs to step up her cock game. get her in with the right porn company and she’ll be a contract bitch in no time. its all a waiting game now for her fans. looks like there gonna have enjoys what they got and hope for the best :(

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