Amia Moretti the Foot-Fucker!

hawaiian girl footjob

Here are some sexy photos of the sweet petite Hawaiian girl Amia Moretti treating her boyfriend to a footjob on a lazy afternoon in paradise.  The great thing about footjobs, handjobs, blowjobs, is that you don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy! I guess Hawaii Porn Blog is kinda like a footjob then, just sit back relax and enjoy the view!

P.S. please don’t ask me to give you a footjob. K thanks!

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Not many porn sites do it better than Bang Bros!

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Abbey Brooks: How you like them apples?

I like white girls. I like real women with curves, not those barbie doll Heidi Montag-type chicks. SO when I put Abbey Brooks on Hawaii Porn Blog, you know why. Thank you very much for your cooperation :)

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If you like real girls in Hawaii, then check out Hawaii Dreamgirls!

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Bree Olson Spreading Her Aloha!

Baby faced Bree Olson looks adorable in her Hawaiian bikini! Sure it would look even better on Waikiki Beach but we all can’t live in paradise. I actually ran into Bree Olson by sheer luck at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. She is just as beautiful in person and did not disappoint with a really chill and friendly personality. I wasn’t lucky enough to get really friendly but hey who am I kidding, it’s Bree Olson bitch!

bree olson sweet titsBree Olson ass shotBree Olson takes off her pantiesbree olsonsweet smiling Bree OlsonBree Olson spreads her ass

More Bree Olson at New Sensations, check her out!

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Layla Rivera Understands Economics

layla rivera

Layla Rivera is a pretty bright girl and she truly knows the situation with America’s use of fiat currency. Understanding that paper money is essentially worthless, Layla Rivera is all for the barter economy and wants to pay for her lawn guy’s hardwork with good old fashioned trade: ass for grass!

Video of Layla Rivera getting Fucked at Reality Kings!

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I love lesbians. I’m not talking about the manly looking ones that try to hit on your girlfriend while you look on in utter confusion, nor am I talking about the traps that look like hot-girl lesbians but are only haggard beaten down ones with three-layers of bondo on their face. These are much harder to point out because they act and look totally different in the clubs but see them at their day job and you’d think the hot girl was eaten by Golem. True story.

Anyways the FTV girls put together this awesome indoor & outdoor strap on sex fest. Great thing about lesbian sex is that they always get off. Probably because there’s no dude going soft or minute men performances. They lick each other with such fury and determination I’m pretty sure they could get the the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop in two quick flicks. Enjoy! :)

More beautiful white chicks at FTVgirls!

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Hawaiian MILF Gone Wild at Club 939

sexy milf Roni burlesque strip tease at club 939

In celebration of Club 939’s coming out party for Christine Mendoza’s beautiful titties I’ve decided to post these photos of the sexy MILF Roni working the pole at Hawaii’s hottest gentleman’s club!

Personally I think strippers should look like real women; curvy with long legs, natural tits, and a sultry attitude. Lotta the younger girls flop around on stage like dead fish, lying on their back while flapping the meat curtains in front of your face and opening up the garter every 10 seconds. Honestly if I wanted to see kal bi I could go to Millions, Gina’s BBQ, hell even Sorabol and I’d still pay less!

Maybe there should be a stripper school… girl’s can get a PhD (pro hoe degree) in pole bending, private shows, personality, and overall sexiness.  Remember kids a good education is essential to a bright and successful future :)

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Want Hardcore? Hawaiian MILF Roni can deliver, check it!

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Pussy Fetish: Exotic Filipina Kitty Pantera in Leopard Print

Kitty Pantera is back in action again at Asian American Girls and she still looks yummy! Dark meat has never been my choice cut but the caramel complexion on this Hawaii Pinay wets my appetite. My only complaint is that I had to put her video on mute so that I didn’t have to hear the Asianman go on in his usual droning and word vomit about Hawaii blah blah blah. It’s like watching a stripper work the pole at Femme Nu and having your friend talk in your ear about the football game on TV; honestly dude pussy or pigskins and like Captain Planet said THE CHOICE IS YOOOOOUURRRSS!!! (yea random sorry)

Oh Kitty Pantera, when are you gonna do hardcore?!?!

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More amateur Filipina cuties at Asian American Girls!

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Christine Mendoza Strips at 939, Stock Market Crashes. Coincidence?

My bet is no because I cant think of a better place to put my money than between the massive malasadas Christine Mendoza carries around on her chest.  I’m heading down to the bank right now to close my account and changing it in for singles so I can throw em at those yummy titties tonight! How far long so you think $35.50 will last me?

Christine Mendoza be swinging around the pole at Club 939 tonight so get there early to avoid a line.  Supposedly it’s a non-pasties show and I couldn’t be happier because I hate donuts. Unless they’re Crispy Cremes, damn I love Crispy Cremes. Shit imagine Christine Mendoza wearing nothing but Crispy Cremes! If you’re not uber creative like myself then here are some pictures for visual stimulation. Cya’ll at the stage and be sure to tip good so I can stand behind ya! 😉

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Christine Mendoza Official Website, Check It!

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Hawaii Dreamgirls: Jandi Lin’s first ever sex scene

Some people are born to be doctors, some to be teachers, and others to be students. Jandi Lin was born to fuck, period. Usually a girl’s first hardcore scene is shy and hesitant, double dipping the cock in her mouth because she’s unsure as to how into it she should be. “Should I look at the camera or should I look at the guy with his cock inside me?” “Should I fake an orgasm like I see in other porn scenes or should I just like there like a dead fish?”

This inexperience and standoff performance is usually the formula for a girl’s first time on camera but Jandi Lin is quite the exception. She was eager and willing, it all came out on camera. The way she smiled at you, the enthusiasm in her eyes while gobbling cock. Most telling of all was that pleasured smile before requesting that she be choked while getting her pussy smashed and then the authentic look of pleasure and pain on her face with each thrust. I’ve always thought Jandi Lin was Hawaii’s own Sasha Grey and it’s sad that she left the biz with so much more to accomplish.

Oh well, there’s always Caroline :)

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State of the Economy: Even Pornstars Face Foreclosure!

When even Nicholas Cage can’t pay his mortgage I wonder how America’s pornstars are making due in this uncertain economy. With people illegally downloading and sharing porn I’m sure it’s getting harder and harder to find work.

Poor Hawaiian girl Amia Moretti and her boyfriend are facing foreclosure and the prick bank manager came to foreclose on their asses. Always eager to make a backdoor deal, the bankman say’s he’ll give them an extension on their loan if he can get a piece of Amia Moretti’s re-fine-ass. Eager to keep a roof over his head, Amia’s boy-bitch agrees and lets the bankman make deposits and withdrawls in Amia’s wet snatch before pulling out and liquidating his assets all over the Hawaiian girl’s face.

Who said economics cant be fun? Check out the pics for more fucks and figures 😉

amia moretti and the big dickamia moretti sucking dickAmia Moretti fuckedamia moretti doggystylehawaiian pussyHawaiian girl facial

More big shlongs breaking bitches at King Dong!

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