Heh, did I do that?

Due to technical difficulties (drunk) a bunch of great comments got deleted but I’ll answer them to the best of my memory.

@ The person who asked about nude beaches, the only one I’ve been to was by the lighthouse around Diamond Head but I only saw dudes. The best thing I saw that day was a dude who fell asleep and a seagull was pecking his ass, no joke.

@ The dude who asked about Caroline, no she never got back to me. Local chicks who become Cali girls are always flaky so no surprise there. Really this could’ve been a big help to her career but like you said, she might have a future in porn!

@ the others, I blame it on the a-aaa-a-alcohol. My bad peeps but keep ’em coming!

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5 Responses to “Heh, did I do that?”

  1. Yayo says:

    Hey i’d support her career…especially if it was in porn :>

  2. jonah says:

    i second that yayo. the bitch got nice titties, a bangin body, and sweet pussy. would love to see her in some A list porn movies. maybe a little something small then working her way up to the likes of asa akira and miko lee, and im talkin scenes with lex!! haha

  3. admin says:

    Scenes with Lex? Damn the girl is gonna get ripped open!

  4. jonah says:

    hahaha well after a some scenes of course. but reguardless, she would get ripped by lex. half filipino/japanese= tight pussy lol. but hey, a guy can dream right? haha

  5. rage808 says:

    like i said hook her up with the right company like vivid and she’d be in! but true admin… the mainland probably brought out the flakieness in her. she think she too good thats why

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