Damn my back is KILLING me!!!

nude beach yoga

Here’s a tip people, NEVER try to replace your old mattress with one of those inflatable beds. The picture on the box usually shows a happy haole couple relaxing on the thing by a camp fire in the great outdoors; This picturesque fantasy is totally not what you get and you’d be better off throwing the piece of shit in the fire to signal for help! Honestly it’s like trying to sleep in one of those child bouncy houses but without the piss and kid poo smell. I figured I could save some extra cash by picking up the inflatable for $30 instead of a real bed for $400 but my back is in a world of hurt now and the saved cash will probably just go to a chiropractor :(

I hopped into the Island Girls site to comfort my aching body when I came across the latest photo shoot with Trinh Li and Shana doing yoga in the nude on one of Oahu’s not so secluded beaches. Are they mocking me with their youthful flexibility? Look at how they arch their backs and perk their ass up. Look how their soft supple skin glows in the sunlight as they bend over to touch their toes and flash the sweet peaches between their legs. Look at how easily they bring the knees to their chest while flexing the lower part of their back to show off those analsex-tastic asses.

Fuck I need a new bed asap because there’s now way in hell I’m scoring punani on a rubber yoga mat :(

nude beach yoga 1nude beach yoga2nude beach yoga3nude beach yoga4nude beach yoga6

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