Back From LA Bitch! (I Love White Girls)

So if you’re wondering why Hawaii Porn Blog, the bestest place for sexy wahines and Hawaiian porn, wasn’t updated last week it was because I was taking vacation in the land of the haoles, Los Angeles! Even perverted people like myself need to take a break from the computer and get some fresh air. :)

In celebration of my California conquest I wanted to post this stunning blonde bombshell. I have a double standard when it comes to white girls and Asian girls. Now Asian girls look best petite and adorable; submissiveness is the true selling point of Asian beauty. White girls on the other hand look best with a little meat on them. The skinny ones just look like crack addicts in need of a burger.

Now if you get your arms wrapped around a thick, big titty beauty then you will really know what a woman feels like. Tiny peach fuzz hairs on their body are uber sensitive and always fun to play with. After teasing them her into uncontrollable frenzy I unleash my sexual powers upon her for the next 2 minutes before falling asleep on my wallet. Isn’t romance fun?!?! 😀

Beautiful girls for less than a plane ticket at New Nude City!

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