Geez Hawaii Girls Love To Fuck Huh?!?

First off I gotta give props to the readers of Hawaii Porn Blog for keeping me informed especially peeps like s@s, fokaig, and nuinalu…I dunno where you guys find some of this stuff!!!

Nuinalu gave me a tip on a alleged Oahu girl named Ivy who’s getting broken into the porn scene over at Amateur Allure. She’s pretty cute and got a little island flair and I initially thought it was just some softcore, flash the nani, type video but this girl knows how to suck a dick and take it hard too. Figure I’d share the wealth and post the video for everyone to enjoy along with some sweet pics of all the action.

As I was actually writing this post, I checked the comments and s@s told me of a former rising-star singer from Hawaii, who was featured in Midweek article back in 2005, now got videos of her boyfriend giving it to her doggy style and then letting her ride on top. Now mind you the girl getting dicked out on camera hasn’t been verified to be her, but it looks damn similar…plus the file name adds to it’s legitimacy. I also don’t know when the vid was made so I’m not posting it on the blog…last thing I need is to get in trouble for pussy that I never hit! :(

I’m pretty sure ya’ll wanna talk about this so I will allow relevant comments :)

Is Ivy from Oahu? You Be The Judge at Amateur Allure!

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Posted on February 23rd, 2010 | Category: Hawaii girls | 8 Comments »

8 Responses to “Geez Hawaii Girls Love To Fuck Huh?!?”

  1. Anon says:

    At least tell us the alleged girls name! lol

  2. Anon says:

    What about the former-rising star singer? Howabout some hints so others can do research?

  3. shy rhonnie says:

    Dude google Caroline oguma doggystyle

  4. looking for caroline says:

    whats up with carolines videos? i looked everywhere and theyve all been removed!

  5. admin says:

    looks like Caroline has been google searching on her own too! Guess she didn’t want to end up as 2010’s spore-chan :)

  6. looking for caroline says:

    i found one of her videos….she has an alias!

  7. What says:

    What is her alias? All of the vids are broken links

  8. buttsauce says:

    Man.. Ive been looking around for more of ivy scenes. i havent found any yet :/ do anyone knows her real name or pornstar id or something?

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