Hawaii Dreamgirls, The Willy Wonka Factory of Hawaii porn

Like Roald Dahl’s story about a secret chocolate factory that hid away from the world while secretly churning out yummy sweetness to one day spring back to life, Hawaii Dreamgirls is beginning to ramp up production again and from what I’ve seen so far, its gonna be pretty badass!

I talked with the owner of Hawaii Dreamgirls and he said that no only are they shooting new stuff but will be releasing tons of content that was “lost” in his garage; dude if I lost titties in my place I’d be ripping floorboards up and shit!

Although the site still has hot hardcore Hawaii sex scenes, the new focus will be on  fresh-faced local models photographed in classy artistic nudes. Hey in my book that’s even better because now there’s even more chances for those awesome “OMG I KNOW THAT GIRL!” moments. 😉

Check out Hawaii Dreamgirls, premiere producer of Hawaii Porn

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