DUI Wednesday: A little late but I blame it on the alcohol…

So this is coming out two days behind schedule, my bad I was pretty swamped with work (yes I have a day job) and slightly hung over from cigar night with the boys. Great thing about “man night” is that we all get to relax, enjoy some drinks, talk some shit, and not have to worry about DUI’s cuz it never gets that nuts. Maybe the peeps on this photo collage should take a tip and drink closer to home? figure you save a lot of cash without paying for Waikiki parking, club cover charge, and that outrageous bar tabs ($8 for vodka/Red Bull wtf?!?)

Oh I almost forgot the $500 bail, $300-$2k lawyer fees, higher insurance rates, and the bullshit of having that little incident on your record for the rest of your life. I’ll take passing out in my house over waking up in the drunk tank any day!!!

BUT, if you like ’em drunk & sloppy, go check out My Trashed GF 😉

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