Hot Nude Wahine Surfing!

In celebration of the Women’s Triple Crown of Surfing, I just had to post these pics of a hot haole surfer from X-Art. This white girl is hella fine and really gives off that Beyond the Break look. Anyone even remember that TV show?

I’ve added a bunch of photos from this set and the guys at X-Art have even more stunningly beautiful wahine’s for you to enjoy. Shit if the surf contest was all naked chicks who looked like this, I would gladly sit in traffic for 3 hours just to visit Haleiwa!!!

Click here for more from X-Art!

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Posted on November 16th, 2009 | Category: surfer girls | 2 Comments »

2 Responses to “Hot Nude Wahine Surfing!”

  1. Horny Alf says:

    Man i would sit through the new twilight movie for 1 minute with that pussy. 1 minute is all id last with that anyways lol

  2. Warren Armstead, Jr. says:

    Thanks also a LOT and a LUMP for reporting that this also features female/Dame/Dudette/Gal/girl/HONEY/lady/Lass/Sheila/women surfers surfing in nothing but their bday clothing in the Altogether, in the Raw and in the Buff in this case for others and even for us, too….

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