Yay its the weekend, party time!

Awesome news peeps, the hit and run victim got in touch w/ me after I left the note on her car; Hawaii Porn Blog 1, cops 0!!! This plus the fact that its Friday puts me in the mood to celebrate and there’s no better place tonight than Downtown Honolulu’s First Friday Festival! No better place to watch cops in action: ticketing jaywalkers, checking parking meters, and strolling their fat asses along in those tricked out segways. Can anyone say Mall Cop? :)

I’ll use five-o to segway (clever huh) into a sweet Dancing Bear update. I wonder if cops moonlight as male strippers? Figure it would be easy because you’ve already got the costume and chicks dig handcuffs. Police also have a tendency to play big dick bitch with the public so slapping a happy bride-to-be with his meat baton should come naturally.

On a side note, I think I should’ve been Dancing Bear for Halloween. Imagine how those pictures would’ve turned out!!!

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