So I’ve been hitting the gym lately…

Honestly there’s no better way to kill time and stress than to push a few reps out in the gym. It’s also a great place to go people watching! They’re are always at least 5 cuties walking on the treadmill in their $60 workout clothes who are only there to people watch too; we already have something in common! 😀

24hr Fitness isn’t the cleanest of places to fuck but then again it’s probably cleaner than banging out on Ala Moana Beach Park at night…ah those were the days. Anyways, Cherokee and her personal trainer get sweaty and dirty on the gym floor, throwing in a few yoga poses here and there. Is that downard facing dog? 😉

They should have a few photos of the dude doing bicep curls while she sucks him off or even while bench pressing, that’d be funny!

Images provided by Milfs Like it Black! Check’um out!

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