Naughty Nikki Price does EVERYTHING!

So I found another hapa honey girl (Chinese, Italian, Irish, and “pot-luck”) but this one is from Florida. She’s got that Hawaii girl next door appeal, the kind you’d find on the #4 bus to UH Manoa trying to act like she don’t see you while rockin’ her Ipod and shades. Nah she don’t look straight up bitch like that, shed probably buy you a beer at the Varsity Bar, I’m just projecting cuz that chick on the #4 needs an attitude check….I WASN’T EVEN LOOKING AT YOU I WAS LOOKING AT YOUR NASTY FEET ON THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU! WTH?!?!

Anyways go perv out on Nikki Price, and if this video isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity her website has a shit load more (probably like half-hour worth of free vids). Enjoy!

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