DON’T WORRY… I’m a friend of your Mother :D

My boy showed me this video clip of Thai hottie Abbie Lee and I just had to post it for you. Would this shit work in real life? No honestly, WOULD it work in real life?!?!?! Cuz I’ve seen a lotta MILF-grade cougars over at Whole Foods who keep giving me the eye. I’m wondering their daughters would be down for a triple-threat bedroom match, no hoes barred style.

Then again they just could be looking at me cuz I stare em out like a fat kid craving candy. Mmm tasty.

New video of Abbie Lee getting fucked at Cum Fu. Checkum brah!!

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Posted on August 10th, 2009 | Category: Thai girls | 2 Comments »

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  2. […] I wonder what ever happened to Abbie Lee? […]

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