White girls love sex toys!

White girls are awesome! In Hawaii we usually get the military brats or college girls in their final year who want to live it up “island style.” I think the great thing about haole chicks is that they love to get fucked and have no shame about it!

Take Molly and her friend for instance, I mean only white girls go shopping for dildos right after they hit up Home Depot. Guess they couldn’t find any good screws 😉 (yea bad joke i know but it was better than the one i had about hammers and pounding) Take any Hawaii girl into a sex toy shop other than Sensually Yours and you’ll probably leave there with a fleshlight and no girl.

Why cant Hawaii girls be more like Molly and her friend, excited about getting getting sex toys as presents? Haole girls LOVE sex toys (well the ones I know) and proudly display their favorite vibrators in their UH dorm rooms. So for today Hawaii Porn Blog pays tribute to Molly and her sexual escapades, along with all the other haole girls who have no inhibitions. Yard House anyone?!?!

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