How adorable is this girl?!?!

adorable asian dick sucker

I featured this adorable Asian girl last week as she took it up the ass but I just had to reiterate how cute she is! This is the type of girl you could bring home to mom, then take her to a public bathroom and have a quickie.

What bothers me though is that Hawaii girls are 10 times as hot but a 100 times as unlikely to become Hawaii pornstars. Sure there’s the whole stigma of being a pornstar but think of it this way; you get to travel, you get to meet new people all the time, your ego is constantly stroked, and you get paid to do something you enjoy. Might as well make a few bux along the way right? I mean honestly girls, if you’re gonna give it up you might as well get something out of it besides the amateur sex photos your ex-boyfriend sold :)

Asian Sex Club


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