Beautiful Sheleen Dee from Hawaii

Hawaii model Sheleen Dee

Tourists come to the islands expecting to see the beaches, surf boards, and Hawaii babes; Sheleen Dee’s glowing smile, beautifully sunkissed skin, and Tantalus-tight curves is exactly what they’re looking for. This mixed plate beauty can be seen tearing up the gogo stages across the Hawaiian Islands and the west coast.

I’ve seen this Hawaii girl rock out in Honolulu clubs with a bunch of guys just stand around staring at her, mouths wide open, girlfriends giving stink-eye. Check Sheleen Dee out at Import Icons to find out why the girls wanna be her and the guys wanna get with her!

the ultimate in import models

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Posted on August 27th, 2008 | Category: asian porn, Filipino girls, Hawaiian Porn, hot models | 5 Comments »

5 Responses to “Beautiful Sheleen Dee from Hawaii”

  1. jon says:

    What ever happen to 808stars?

  2. admin says:

    Good question, they totally disappeared a few years ago although some of their photos are still lingering around Yahoo Groups. They probably just left the industry and let the site sit around getting stale. 808stars was getting big around the time carshows and stuff starting to get popular around 2001-ish. Strokedawg and his yahoo groups were the shits!

  3. […] For those who don’t know about this beauty who sets Hawaii’s gogo stage ablaze then check out Sheleen Dee’s photos! […]

  4. hate to miss the party.

  5. […] when you motorboat em! *brrrrrrmmmrrrmrmrrmrmrmrr* Shes got a slammin’ body, perfect for you Sheleen Dee lovers since homegirl doesn’t do nudie; but Genevieve […]

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