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First Friday eve

So here is my only photo from Honolulu Hawaii’s First Friday because I was too busy drinking to take photos correctly (obviously).

I started the night off at Mercury Bar just off of Bethel St. The bar was pretty packed so I told one of the chicks sitting there to grab the bartender’s attention for me. She gave me a smart ass quip about how the male bartender would probably be more interested in me but I played it off, saying that most girls can work their magic on anyone; she got no mana. I easily slid in and ordered a round for me and the boys. To make more small talk I asked how much should I tip and her drunk friend got close to me and said “I work at a bar and its usually a dollar a drink.” I dropped 5, turned around and the drunk girl then asks “aren’t you gonna tip me?”

My rule is simple; I only buy drinks for girls I’m either dating or fucking, no exceptions. I look at her, smile, then turn back to my friends; bros before hoes.

Next we hit up Bar 35 which already had a line. Luckily we had connections at the door. Turns out the girls from the bar followed us and were trying to get past the bouncers with our group. After grabbing drinks at the back bar we turned around and saw them directly across from us. 80s night this Wednesday ladies, maybe you’ll get drinking privileges then.

Xyloh ratio
Next stop off was an all you can drink event at Xyloh in Ala Moana. Had it not been for the onslaught of alcohol I might have been turned off by the horrible guy/girl ratio as depicted above. After I was good and tipsy the had some kinda lap dance competition, here are some pics:

xyloh lap dance

xyloh lap dance 2

xyloh girls

I was sitting in the lounge area when I noticed a couple making out across from me. I figured guy was gonna get lucky that night but suddenly she started gagging and threw up on the couch. Here are photos of the awesomeness :)

xyloh drunk girl


drunk girl panties


xyloh bartender

I would have made the photos bigger but server space is tight. If you wish to see bigger photos then you can either send me cash, sign up to see hot Hawaii girls, or chat with bar girls.

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